2018 Teams + Topic Challenges

2018 Teams + Topic Challenges will be announced at the KickOff.

Past Teams + Topic Challenges


  1. The Role of In-house Counsel is Evolving Fast: How Can Lawyers in Law Firms use Technology to Keep Up? (Sponsored by Eversheds)
  2. Mentor? Sponsor? Advisor? What role should law school faculty play in student development?
  3. Blind Vision: How can law firms use technology to reduce bias in the lateral recruitment process? (DiversityLab)
  4. Changing Climates, Shifting Needs: How can Alt.Legal leaders take a bigger role in access to justice? (Sponsored by Avvo)
  5. Friend Rather Than Foe: How Can the Law Enable a Better Life for Migrants Held in Detention? (Sponsored by Janders Dean)
  6. Weakest Link or Front Line Fighter: How can law firms lead cybersecurity services for clients?
  7. Strategize This: How can external counsel help in-house counsel manage legal as a business? 
  8. Growing Pains: How does a legal department stay functional, flexible, and sustainable from startup to Fortune 500? (Spotify)
  9. Cogito Ergo Sum: How Can Cognitive Technologies Transform the Way Financial Institutions Deal With the Impact of Regulatory Change on their Lending Documentation? (Sponsored by Pinsent Masons)
  10. Client Confidentiality in the Digital Era: How can law firms strengthen their cybersecurity measures?
  11. Legal Department 2020: How can in-house legal departments use AI to realize greater efficiencies? (Microsoft)
  12. Lawyering beyond borders: How can global legal practices streamline multi jurisdictional working by leveraging virtual tech?
  13. Legal Efficacy, Consumer Demand, and Market Approach: How Can Contract Visualizations Turn From Concept Into Reality? (LegalZoom)
  14. Defying Death by Disclaimer: How Can In-house Lawyers efficiently manage the Legal Risks of Consumer Marketing in a Digital, Customer Centric World? (BUPA)
  15. Culture of Mergers, Merger of Cultures: How to Get the Right Mix when Law Firms Combine
  16. Carrots and Sticks: What should be done when signatory countries and courts fail to uphold international obligations? (Sponsored by LATAM)

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  1. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: How can Technology Help Aging Populations Know Their Rights?
  2. Microsoft’s HoloLens, Google Glasses, and  Infinity AR: How Should Augmented Reality Change the Legal Marketplace?
  3. How Can Law Keep the Sporting Industry Fair? You Be the Referee
  4. Even Tradition Can Be Enhanced With Technology: How Can IT Improve Important Trial Processes?
  5. Fight or Flight: Where Can/Should Lawyers Go after Biglaw?
  6. Growing Pains: How Can Law Firm Leaders Manage and Leverage Today’s Multi-Generational Firm for the Future?
  7. More Minorities at the Top: What Will It Take To Increase and Sustain Diversity in High-Level Legal Leadership Positions in Law? (Sponsored by Diversity Lab)
  8. If Airlines Can Do It, Why Can’t Law Firms? How Can Law Firms Profitably Disaggregate Services Without Being Despised?
  9. Catch 22?: Assessing the Ethics programs of M&A Targets, Partners and Suppliers Without Reference to a Specific Country’s Laws or Regulations (Sponsored by Lockheed Martin)
  10. In a Big Data World, How Should Service Providers Strike a Balance Between Making Money and Responsibly Managing Users’ Data? (Sponsored by Microsoft)
  11. Does Practice Make Perfect? How Do We Find an Objective Measure of Legal Quality? (Sponsored by LegalZoom)
  12. In the Modern New Legal Education Landscape, How Can We Measure Success?
  13. Cooking Up a Secret Sauce: The Law School Application and Admissions Process, Reimagined
  14. How Can Lawyers Use Technology to Help Millions Around the World Live Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives? (Sponsored by Bupa)
  15. Forget Me Not? Helping Today’s Youth Gain Protection From a Right to be Forgotten Tomorrow
  16. What's the Recipe: How Can General Counsel Offices Measure Success Internally and Across the Organization? (Sponsored by UnitedLex)
  17. Connecting Lawyers to Social Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Two-For? Lawyers Give and Get
  18. The Right to Rat: Protecting Whistleblowers from a Bad Rap

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