2013 LWOW Original Project Topics

  1. The Law School Law Firm: Can and Should Law Schools be Legal Service Providers?
  2. A School for General Counsels? How Should Prospective GCs Develop Their Skill Set?
  3. Discovery in the Cloud: Can a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy Survive the Age of Technology?
  4. Law Firm Efficiency: Tomorrowland or Fantasyland?
  5. Supermarket Law Firms: Honey, Can You Pick Up Some Ice Cream and an LL.C.?
  6. Crunching Mega Data to Make Decisions: Risks and Rewards of Quantitative Legal Prediction
  7. Crowd Source and Open Source Lawyering: Good Job or Flash Mob?
  8. Cyber Justice: Using Technology to Provide Legal Services to Underserved Around the Globe
  9. Not Lost in Translation: Delivering Legal Services Across Multiple Jurisdictions and Common/Civil Law Traditions
  10. Doing Well and Doing Good: New Models for Pro Bono in Legal Education and Practice
  11. Building a Better Mousetrap: Recreating and Redefining Successful Social Networking by Law Firms and Law Schools
  12. The Increasing Importance of Corporate Compliance: More Jobs For Law Grads or Another Threat to Lawyers’ Monopoly?
  13. The Death of the Cover Letter: Rethinking How to Find a Job and Build a Career
  14. The New Face of Diversity:  Supporting Minority Attorneys in the Local and Global Legal Marketplace