Why do Corporations and Law Firms sponsor LWOW?

  1. LWOW is hands-on training developed especially for lawyers that hones critical 21st Century professional services skills (collaboration, cultural competency, project management, intrapreneurship, technology, problem-solving, communication, business acumen, networking, empathy, self-awareness, and leadership) in a safe environment.
  2. LWOW transforms the way lawyers lead and collaborate with clients, internal colleagues, and  direct reports.
  3. LWOW accelerates the development of practicable solutions for problems your organization cares about solving internally, externally, and from a corporate social responsibility standpoint. 
  4. LWOW provides access to diverse, global talent from around the world to ensure hiring fit.

"This is the single best experience of my professional career."

senior legal counsel, HSBC

For organizations:

  • Build stronger relationships between lawyer and client
  • Learn clients' business
  • Access new clients and service providers
  • Co-create solutions to challenges in your industry or practice
  • Transform your department or firm's practice and culture
  • Gain recognition as a global, multidisciplinary innovator


  • Transform your ability to find and refine problems and collaboratively problem-solve
  • Differentiate yourself as an entrepreneurial lawyer who intends to shape the future
  • Sharpen your skill as a change agent and inspire a cultural shift in your department or firm
  • Become part of a 1000+ strong community dedicated to solving problems at the intersection of law, business, and technology

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