2012 LWOW Original Topic Projects

  1. Global Legal Service Firms: Is It Possible to Marry Cultures and Legal Systems
  2. The Disaggregation of Legal Services:  A Service or Disservice to Clients? 
  3. Trickle Down Justice?  Evolution in Access to Justice for Low-Income and Vulnerable Client Populations 
  4. Publicly Held Law Firms in the UK and Australia: The Big Bang or the Big Bust? 
  5. Transparency in International Arbitration:  What's Under the Invisibility Cloak? 
  6. Ever-Increasing Law School Debt: Students Beware or Law Schools Take Action
  7. Lawyers Acting as Non-Lawyers and Non-Lawyers Acting as Lawyers:  What is and What Should be Considered the Unauthorized Practice of Law?
  8. Virtual Legal Education: Can Law Schools Span the Distance?
  9. Law School Career Services:  The Next Generation
  10. Women in the Law: Is the Glass Ceiling Cracked, Smashed, or Unbreakable?
  11. Marketing Law Schools and Law Firms: Truth in Advertising or Bait and Switch? 
  12. Alternative Courts on the Brain: Psychologically Based, But are they Sound?
  13. Lawyers and Law Students: Managing Time and Stress in a 24/7/365 World