How it Works

LWOW Original ("LWOW O") is a blended, part-virtual program with three components aimed at teaming students and professionals from around the globe to innovate solutions to problems in legal education and practice. The experience is comprised of three components:

1. The KickOff

LWOW Original begins with the KickOff, where our students and mentors gather for two days of in-person, intensive idea generation, teaming, personality assessments, and skill building. Together, we set the stage and construct the foundation for the research, innovation, and communication the teams will be doing over the following three months.

19–20 January 2019


Following the KickOff, we move to an all-virtual format with two parts. First, our entire community meets for mandatory weekly sessions, called LWOW Live. LWOW Live sessions are much more than a class or webinar. These are substantive exchanges of ideas and lively debates over hot topics in legal and education and practice, led by renown and experienced Thought Leaders. LWOW Live sessions feature real-time video, voice, chat, and presentations and are also offered for CLE credit in some jurisdictions.

Simultaneously, students and their mentors are also building their innovations—called Projects of Worth. Students meet weekly with mentors, experts, and each other to research their topic, identify a narrow problem, and develop a solution to the problem identified. They engage in cross-cultural communication, project management, marketing, financial analysis, and critical thinking. Throughout the process, students also have several checkpoint meetings with the LWOW Team.

3. The ConPosium

The LWOW Original process culminates with the ConPosium, where the entire community gathers in person once again. Student teams present their Projects of Worth to a multidisciplinary panel of judges, including an academic, entrepreneur, and venture capitalists. The audience also evaluates each project, selecting winners for most substantive, most viable, most creative, and an overall winner. 

14–15 April 2019
university of miami
coral gables, fl, USA


Applications for LWOW Original will open in September 2018.