2014 LWOW Original & LWOW X Project Topics

  1. Increasing Access to Justice and Creating New Models of Regulation: How Can the Two Go Hand-in-Hand?
  2. Court Systems and Technology: If I am a Legal Document Where Do I Go and How Do I Get There?
  3. Practicing Law as a Network Rather Than as a Firm:  Best Practices, Best Platforms, Best Rules of the Game
  4. It’s Not Our Responsibility Or Is It?:  Balancing the Commercial Goal of Making Money with the Moral Obligation to Protect Human Rights
  5. The More Lawyers Work, the Less They Learn:  How Do Lawyers Keep Up on New Law?
  6. MOOCs, DOCCs, and Avatars, Oh My:  How Will We Educate Our Lawyers and Law School Students Tomorrow?
  7. Robot Lawyers: The Future of On-Line Chat Attorneys
  8. Business Advisor, Psychiatrist, Friend, Legal Counsellor, Gatekeeper: Putting the Many Faces of the Lawyer Together in an Integrative Way
  9. Secondments: Client Service at its Best or a Second Rate Solution?
  10. Redesigning the Client Legal Memo: How Can Lawyers Create A More Interactive Way to Help Clients Avoid Legal Problems?
  11. Introducing The New Shareholders: Designing The Optimal Law Firm Ownership Structure in an ABS World
  12. Legal Gaming:  Can Having Fun Improve Legal Services?
  13. Taking the Solo Out of Solo Practice:  Finding The Right Accompaniments to Make Solo Practice a Success
  14. Targeting the Consumer Law Market with Predictive Data Analytics:  Big Brother? or My Brother’s Keeper?
  15. Coping Alone:  How Should Legal Systems Cope With Self-Represented Litigants?