2015 LWOW Original & LWOW X Project Topics

  1. Servicing the Lawyers to Service the Clients: How Can Technology, New Mediums, and Global Support Structures be Utilized to Help Lawyers Help their Clients?

  2. Got Ethics? Making Use of Bar Organizations’ Ethics Opinions

  3. Legal Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital: Finding a Common Language in an Uncommon Ground

  4. Training the Trainers: Which Skills Should Law Professors Have for 21st Century Professoring?

  5. Limited Legal License Technicians: Glorified Paralegals or New Roles for Increased Access to Justice

  6. Breaking the Conviction Cycle: How Can We Empower Our At-Risk Youth After the First Offense

  7. Dinosaurs in Sneakers: How Can Biglaw Innovate, Collaborate and Change to Avoid Extinction and Get Back in the Race?

  8. The Wild Wild West of Arbitration: Are You Ready for What Really Happens Behind Closed Doors? 

  9. Redesigning the Law Classroom on the Cheap:  What Can We Learn From Teaching and Learning Methods Outside of Law

  10. In a Glocal World, How do Corporations Reduce the Dark Zone of Unknown Corporate Misconduct? There’s Got to be a Solution for That 

  11. There’s No Access to Justice Without Access: How Can We Deal with Disabilities in the Courtroom?

  12. Harnessing The Power of Watson: Utilizing Cognitive Technology to Help the Law Firm Make Better Decisions and Build a Stronger Relationship with Clients

  13. Weeding through Lawyers: How Does a Client Choose When Lawyers Claim they are Different but Sound the Same?

  14. E-Discovery and Legal Process Outsourcing: Commoditization or Democratization?

  15. Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Finding an Interim Solution for Law Grads Without Jobs 

  16. Exits and Re-entries in the Law Market: Stop-Gaps? Or Potential For Innovation

  17. Running For Their Lives: How Can the Legal Profession Help Prevent Violent Crimes Against Minors So They Don’t Have to Flee?

 2015 LWOW X Compliance Project Topics

  1. Effective Strategies to Prevent Retaliation for Reporting Misconduct

  2. Managing Ethics and Compliance Risk Downstream through the Supply Chain

  3. Building Effective Anti-Corruption Initiatives that Target Third Party Intermediaries

  4. Anti-Trust Compliance Issues in an International Context

  5. Ambiguous Legal Issues Associated with Investigations and Audits

  6. Developing Effective Communications Strategies for Ethics and Compliance Topics

  7. Dealing with the Effects of Mental Health Issues on Ethics-Related Conduct

  8. Managing Conflicts of interest Between Companies and Regulators
  9. In a Glocal World, How do Corporations Reduce the Dark Zone of Unknown Corporate Misconduct?