2011 LWOW Original Topic Projects

  1. Conflicting Global Cultures: Bridging the Gap In Legal Education and Practice
  2. The Outsourcing of Legal Services: The Struggle Between Ethics and Efficiency
  3. Lawyers' Workspace in the Digital Age: Its Architecture, Design, and Aesthetic Impact
  4. The Business of Legal Education: Teaching Law Students Real Business Skills 
  5. Third Party Litigation Funding: Friend or Foe?
  6. Fallout from the Legal Services Act: Publicly Held Law Firms and Other New Models of Law Firm Structure and Ownership 
  7. Finding Common Ground: Regulatory Issues Across International Borders
  8. Judging 2.0: Embracing the Challenges and Benefits of Globalization and Technological Advances in the Courtroom
  9. Redefining the Smart Lawyer: Professional and Emotional Intelligence Training
  10. Rethinking Value: Alternative Strategies to the Billable Hour 
  11. Technology Boom or Bust: Law Firms Reinvented or The End of Law Firms?