Benefactor ($50,000): Sponsor an LWOW X all-virtual program, our Technology, or an LWOW Event like the ConPosium or KickOff or Legal StartUp Day

  • LWOW X Sponsor
    Fund an all-virtual LWOW X program. 10 Sponsor affiliates participate as mentors (can include a mix of internal professionals and clients).
  • Technology Sponsor
    Increase LWOW bandwidth by funding our technology costs (including software licensing, equipment purchasing, hardware, tech for events, etc.).
  • KickOff or ConPosium Sponsor
    Bring the in-person KickOff or ConPosium to life by funding our event needs (including facility fees, catering, cocktail events, etc.).

Patron ($10,000)Sponsor an LWOW Innovation Award at KickOff or Provide Seed Money at LWOW's Legal Startup Day

  • Innovation Award Sponsor
    • Recognize an Innovative Lawyer or Law Organization by sponsoring a named award to be given at our KickOff or ConPosium
    • Support the winning LWOW team in making their Project of Worth a reality by donating $10,000 in award/seed money
  • Legal Startup Day Sponsor
    Play a firsthand role in shaping the future of legal education and technology by sponsoring seed money for the winning team at a half-day, in-person pitch event featuring legal startups and startups founded by lawyers and providing seed money to help grow the winning startup.
  • School-Alumn Sponsor
    Increase access to LWOW by sponsoring your alumn school’s participation in LWOW

Supporter ($5,000): Sponsor a Topic or LWOW Celebration

  • Team Topic/Challenge Sponsor
    Need to solve a tough legal practice or education challenge? Let an LWOW team of mentors and students put their talents to work in creating a solution.
  • Celebration Sponsor
    Want to celebrate innovation with top legal-minded, forward thinking professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and students from around the world? Sponsor a reception or dinner at one of our in-person events.

Contributor ($2,500):  Sponsor a Student or an LWOW Live Webinar

  • Student Sponsor
    Many of our students need funding to attend our in-person events. Make the trips of a lifetime happen for one LWOW Original student.
  • LWOW Live Webinar Sponsor
    The community meets weekly online to debate hot issues in legal education or practice.  These webinars can be sponsored by a firm, corporation, or entity and the funds can go towards the participation of 1 LWOW Original student or other LWOW areas of need.

Gifts to LWOW, spearheaded by the University of Miami, a 501(c) charitable organization, are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.