2017 LWOW Original KickOff @ Harvard Law School
Community Show + Tell RSVP
Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday afternoon's Community Show + Tell Session will consist of three streams of content. The purpose of these sessions is to showcase the expertise, talents, and interests of our LWOW Community. We ask that you kindly read the descriptions below and rank your preferences. We will do our best to accommodate your first or second choice.

Click here to learn more about the Accelerated Leadership Program, an offering from Harvard Law School Executive Education from 7-10 March 2017, featuring teaching from LWOW Community members including Scott Westfahl, David Wilkins, Kevin Doolan, and Michele DeStefano. 

Community Show + Tell Streams

Stream 1: A Taste of HARVARD LAW SCHOOL Executive Education

A case study-based session from Harvard Law School's renown Executive Education program focusing on performance appraisal, development of professionals, and managerial challenges.

Stream 2: Professional Development Gets Personal

A series of talks, exercises, and sessions on interpersonal skills, including:

  • Exploring + Understanding Your DISC Assessment (Lauren Madigan) 
  • Negotiation Techniques, Tips, and Tricks (Moray McLaren + Mari-Cruz Taobada)
  • Making the Most Out of Mentoring (Susan Sneider) 
  • Cultural Competency and Communication (Kevin Doolan + Alexis Caught)

Stream 3: Community Cornucopia

A collection of Ignite presentations by LWOW Community members, including:

  • "Creating Products that Lawyers Love (sic)—user experience in legal tech," A quick intro to UX/usability basics in a legal context (Anna Ronkainen)
  • "Data Driven Proactive Legal Solutions," A look at how data transfer will reduce the need for documents and reshape the role of lawyers (Magnus Stein)
  • "The Farm Life: Manual Labor, Migrant Workers, and Mentorship," A reflection of lessons learned while living with migrant farm workers as a human rights officer (Zach Knechtel)
  • “The Geographical Identity,” A personal and global reflection on how a minority in America becomes a majority in Israel, only to turn distinct minority again in France (Ido Dembin)
  • "How to Handle a Shocking Situation at Work and survive," An assessment of real examples to show how leadership, strength, and advice can help one succeed in tough situations (Diego Valenzuela)
  • "Interfacing Blockchain and Law," An overview of blockchain and law to divest people of the notion that the systems are independent from one another (Nicolas Jacquemart)
  • "The Landscape of Legal Innovation," A synopsis of how legal practice has changed in the past century and predictions for where it will go (Stacy Ruegelin)
  • "Listen, Understand, Empower: Skills Behind Leaders," An exploration of leadership and the importance of leaders' inspiring and empowering others to be successful (Michelle Fox)
  • "Law Without Ills: Mental Health at the Heart of Law," A discussion of lawyers' mental health statistics, experiences, and aim to raise awareness, in keeping with LWOW community's wider mission to aim to better the legal profession (Amir Dhillon)
  • "Making Legal Services Explorable," An introduction of new ways for LWOW participants to think about interactivity, and how to use that interactivity to build interfaces that help people learn about complex legal systems (Keith Porcaro)
  • "Three Reasons Lawyers Should Learn to Code," An enquiry into how the coder skill-set can benefit lawyers (Dan Lear)
  • "What do Latin American Clients Want?" A survey of insights from research on the purchasing behavior of large Latin American companies when selecting outside counsel and on the effects of market changes on the Latin American legal industry (Antonio Leal Holguin)
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