Materials that bring LawWithoutWalls to life:

  • LWOW Slide Deck (Click here) The what, why and how of LWOW (.pdf copy available here)
  • LWOW Booklet (Click here) An overview of LWOW
  • LWOW Video (Click here) brings LWOW to life and shows what a KickOff is like.
  • ConPosium Video (Click here) The LWOW ConPosium in action
  • Written overview (Click here) The opportunities, benefits, and logistics of participating in LWOW
  • Narrative (Click here) Chronicling a real team's journey through the LWOW 5-Step Process
  • Testimonials (Click here) Survey results from past participants
  • Unsolicited emails (Click here) Past participants' praise for LWOW
  • Winning entry (Click here) Winner of Unilever's internal contest to participate as a LWOW mentor (one winner, more than 200 entries)
  • 2017 LWOW Winning Project of Worth: (Sponsored by Janders Dean) Ithaca, a non-profit tech platform that helps refugees obtain legal assistance by 1) connecting them with pro bono lawyers based on availability, expertise, and need; and 2) providing a case management system and virtual space for initial consultation. Ithaca was selected as part of the inaugural cohort of startups supported by Fuse, Allen & Overy's legal tech incubator, named finalists in the HiiL Innovating Justice Awards (result TBA), and named finalists in the European Youth Awards (result TBA).

Looking for more?

The LWOW Team is committed to supporting you in the mission to spread the word about LWOW. We are happy to help in creating and materials that meet your objectives. For more, email