PitchPosium Application + Instructions

Participants for the LWOW Legal Startup PitchPosium will be chosen by application. All startups operating in the legal space (e.g., legal practice, legal education, access to justice, etc.) or startups founded by lawyers are welcome to apply. Successful applicants will be notified at least one month before the event and are responsible for arranging their own round-trip transportation to and lodging in London for the PitchPosium.
The winning startup will receive a prize of GBP 10,000.

Applications will open late 2015.

Application Instructions

Applicants must complete a written application and send a copy of their business plan. Applicants must be incorporated and have a functioning website (even if basic). Applicants may submit an optional, supplemental video. All submissions must be in English.

Applications (business plan mailed to pitchposium@lawwithoutwalls.org + form linked above) must be submitted.

Application evaluation

Successful applicants will show passion, thoughtfulness and innovation in their materials, as well as a demonstrated need and practicable, scalable solution. Applicants should focus on the substance, creativity, and viability of their proposal, as well as the real life impact the startup will have on the legal world.


Please email pitchposium@lawwithoutwalls.org for further information.