• Hone 21st Century Professionals skills including leadership, teaming, cultural competency, technology, presentation, public speaking, problem solving, networking, project management, entrepreneurship, and business skills
  • Build relationship between client and legal service provider
  • Create a culture of collaboration among professionals within your organization that work in different departments or locations around the world
  • Substantive learning into topics of concern and related to the client’s business
  • Access others participating in LWOW who could become future clients or collaborators
  • Recruit the best and most diverse legal talent from around the world
  • Differentiate your firm/organization as innovative and having a growth-mindset
  • Cultivate implementable solutions to law’s problems at the intersection


  • DONATE IN KIND (e.g., with products or services)
    • Technology: Showcase your corporation’s products and share your knowhow with our community. For example, Ricoh provided on-site printing services for our in-person events, as well as use of their dynamic D5500 interactive whiteboards for team presentations and community interactions.
    • Travel: Share your corporation’s service with the LWOW community. For example, a travel leader could underwrite the travel for students from faraway places.
    • Expertise: Share your perspective, experience, and insight with our community by serving as a Thought Leader in one of our interactive, global LWOW Live webinars. Take part in a panel of experts and engage in an unforgettable conversation with some of the world’s brightest students, practitioners, and professionals.

Gifts to LWOW, spearheaded by the University of Miami, a 501(c) charitable organization, are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.