The LWOW experience concludes at the ConPosium, an interactive, online event wherein teams showcase their innovations to the LWOW Community and a panel of multidisciplinary judges, including venture capitalists, who assess the substance, viability, and creativity of the projects. Put simply, the ConPosium showcases LawWithoutWalls-built skills and executable innovations for the law market.

More than that, this all-virtual brings together the LWOW Community in a virtual format and represents an opportunity to reconnect and connect anew with people from all different ages, disciplines, and cultures that share a common charge: an interest in changing the way lawyers practice and the way that they partner with business professionals to solve problems.

2018 LWOW X conposium
6 april 2018

Schedule + Logistics

LWOW X ConPosium link


All students are required to participate. Mentors, and advisors are welcome to participate. Interested in attending? Contact us.


LWOW is a non-profit organization that relies on the help of the community of law and business schools to host our in-person KickOff. Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.