LWOW Original begins with two days of intensive idea generation, teambuilding, personality assessments, and other exercises that begin to break the barriers between professors and students, partners and associates, and lawyers and clients. We gather as a community to transcend cultural divides and embrace our global mission. We get to know each other and, in the process, get to know ourselves even more. Together, we innovate solutions, hackathon style, to hot problems in legal education and practice.

Schedule + Logistics

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  • Time: 8:45 – 19:00

  • Date: Saturday 13 January and Sunday 14 January

  • Location: University of St. Gallen Executive School of Management, Technology, and Law (ES-HSG), located in St. Gallen, a quaint town an easy 50-minute train ride directly from the Zurich airport (with no need to pre-buy tickets). The Executive School of Management, Technology, and Law (ES-HSG), located at Holzstrasse 15, 9010 St. Gallen, Switzerland. The Executive School campus is a 15-minute journey by bus from the centrally-located train station—take bus #5 or #9 to Rotmonten. Please plan to arrive for a prompt 8:45 AM start on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Schedule: Click here to view the tentative KickOff schedule. These two days are intensive, both in content and schedule. So, as a community, we must be respectful of each other’s time. Your promptness is appreciated and will be reciprocated. All participants must attend all scheduled activities.

  • Dress code: We have a “no suit, first name” policy: Please plan on dressing smart casual for the KickOff (jeans are acceptable) and refer to everyone by their first name. 


Most participants will arrive on Friday. While there are no official events planned, we urge you to take the time to meet your new colleagues and teammates, as well as explore St. Gallen. St. Gallen is home to quaint streets, delicious treats, and several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit the Abbey of St. Gallen, the local brewery “Schutzengarten,” and take a stroll through the charming old town.

SATURDAY,13 january

  • Time: 8:45 – 19:00

  • Location: University of St. Gallen Executive School of Management, Technology, and Law (ES-HSG)

  • Content: Teams engage in bonding activities, goal setting, collaboration training, and work style exploration. We also dive into the LWOW purpose, methodology, roles, and expectations.

  • Meals: Coffee, lunch, and snacks are provided. Saturday concludes with drinks and dinner on campus, generously hosted by the University of St. Gallen.

SUNDAY, 14 january

  • Time: 8:45 – 19:00

  • Location: University of St. Gallen Executive School of Management, Technology, and Law (ES-HSG)

  • Content: Teams put learnings from Saturday into practice by participating in a mini-hackathon related to Improving Legal Education. A hackathon is an event where people from different disciplines and backgrounds come together to collaboratively problem solve, and transform an idea into reality. Oftentimes, hackathons can run for 24 or 48 straight hours; however, at the KickOff, our mini-hackathon will only last for a good portion of Sunday (hence the name). Team leaders and mentors work with their students utilizing the new tools learned on Saturday to idea generate, problem solve, prototype, and create a presentation.

  • Meals: Coffee, lunch, and snacks are provided. Sunday concludes with celebratory cocktails and canapés at Lokremise, hosted by LawWithoutWalls at 20:00.

Teams, Topic Challenges, Attendees

2018 KickOff Attendee List


Please contact Hakim Lakhdar ( with any questions about schedule, logistics, and accommodations.



2016 LWOW KickOff Video, IE University


All students, mentors, and advisors are welcome to participate. Interested in attending? Contact us.