2016 LWOW Original ConPosium


The ConPosium Overview

The ConPosium is the exciting culmination of your team’s incredible hard work and ingenuity over the past three months. Please note that the entire ConPosium will be recorded and accessible to the Mentors and Advisors on your teams. Similar to years past, these videos will be posted on our website. Also, all Students must attend all teams’ presentations.  You are not allowed to skip any part of the ConPosium in order to practice or prepare.

a. The Chat

Like our webinars, there will be a live chat via Skype projected on a very large screen during your presentations at ConPosium. Please contribute with frequency and vitality, as it is your primary method for contributing to the shared conversation of the ConPosium (other than your own presentation). Also ask your Mentors use this chat during your own presentations to provide substantive information and/or to respond to comments. You will soon receive a Skype contact request from "lwowchat," which is for the live ConPosium chat, so please accept the request once received to guarantee your ability to participate in the live chat.

b. Schedule, Timing, and Flow:

A schedule for the ConPosium is attached. Each team has approximately 45 minutes to present, broken down as follows:

  • 1 minute: LWOW team introduces the Mentors and topic name

  • 5 minutes: Your lawyer mentor from Eversheds and your Corporate Mentor will introduce you and provide background about your topic.  Please work with these mentors to give them guidance on how best to set up your Project of Worth.

  • 15 minutes: Your Project of Worth presentation

  • 1 minute: LWOW team will introduce your four “Judges”

  • 20 minutes: “Judge”  provide feedback to and ask questions of Students

  • 4 minutes: Transition to the next presentation during which we play a song selected by the upcoming team

We put "Judge" in quotes because the Judges' role is not to fully evaluate your presentation; rather, these Judges will offer helpful comments, constructive criticism, and ideas on how to continue to improve your Project of Worth and possibly even take it to market. The Judges’  focus will include (but not be limited to) the substance, viability, and creativity of your Project of Worth. These are the criteria upon which the judges and the audience vote for winning teams. Before the ConPosium, confer with your team to create and run through a list of all questions you think you might be asked (note: Shadow Teams and Mentors are great help) and decide who will field each question in advance.  

c. Physical Setup for Your Presentation

There will be large screens behind you that project your your presentation. There will be a monitor in the floor that shows you which slide is up on the screen behind you, so there will be no need to turn your back to the audience and/or look behind you. (Practice this as this is the most common presentation error at the ConPosium!). The master presentation computer will not be on stage with you; instead, it will be in the back of the room with the tech team. You will have two wireless clickers in order to move your presentation slides forward. The presentation computer will be connected to the room's sound system, so any videos or sound will be heard throughout the room. The judges will be seated in front of you. Also, someone from the LWOW Community will be seated in the front row and will have cue cards to let you know your time remaining. We are absolutely committed to keeping on time.

d. What to Bring + What to Wear

Be sure to bring your laptops/tablets to Miami along with your chargers so that you can participate in the Chat. (If you're coming from outside the US, don't forget a power adapter.) While we ask that you dress “business casual,” as you will be presenting in front of a large professional audience, please leave your suits and ties at home.)

Logistics + Deadlines

a. Music → Wednesday 6 April, 5:00 PM GMT

Please provide two song titles to us (along with the Youtube link to ensure we have the right version) on the following Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OtOknBIIGTDeLyBn7R5ftwuNnYsdWnRrSBdZcBcoGqY/edit?usp=sharing These songs will be played during the transition period before and after you present at the ConPosium. These songs should relate to your team and/or Project of Worth in some way. For example, in 2012, one team developed a company called "Start Me Up,” and selected "Start me up" by the Rolling Stones. In the year prior, one of the team's topics was the effect of the UK's Legal Services Act, which was also referred to as the "big bang." This group played "The big big bang" by Adele. Be sure to fill in all the blanks on the sheet, including ranking (1 = first song we should play; 2 = second song we should play).

b. Project Name, Tagline, and Description → Friday 8 April, 5:00 PM UTC

You must provide us with a name, tagline, and a three-sentence (:30 second) written description of your Project of Worth before the ConPosium. Please email them to erika@lwow.org.  .

c. LIPSYNC → MONDAY 11 April, 5:00 PM UTC

Just like at the KickOff, we will be putting together a lipsync video for the ConPosium. You will receive further instructions under separate cover.

D. Final presentation files → Wednesday 13 April, 5:00 PM UTC

D1. Project Trailer

This year, we are asking each team to prepare a 30-second trailer (think: a short teaser describing the problem/gap you’ve identified and introducing your solution). You can create this via video or animation tools (e.g., Powtoon).

D2. Final Presentation Files

Your final presentation files must be placed in the folder labeled “ConPosium Presentation Files” in Google Drive by 5:00 PM GMT on Wednesday, 13 April. (You will receive access to this folder in just a few days.) This is a firm deadline—no exceptions. Please let us know if you wish to show other types of files or website (videos, URL to a website, etc.) in advance so we can work with you to make this happen. You should also make a version of your presentation (slides or Prezi) and save it as a .pdf for distribution to your Skype judges.

D3.  Presentation Files Compatibility

The presentation computer will be a MacBook Pro, so we will not be able to support any file that runs on a Windows-only application. Your presentation can be (or be a mix of) video, PowerPoint, Keynote, and/or downloaded Prezi/Sway/SlideBean only. Though we will have a wired internet connection for the presentation computer, we prefer to have a downloaded presentation just in case an internet connection goes down. As you know, we love technology, and we encourage you to think outside of the box, so email us ASAP if you are thinking of using any technology or apps that are in any way outside of the ordinary. We will work with you one-on-one and do everything within our power to help you make it happen.

D4.  Presentation Resources

There are several resources available for you online. Remember that the ConPosium is live, interactive, and dynamic. Don’t know what to expect? View previous years’ presentations here. Take note: What works? What doesn’t? What can your team exapt from and develop upon prior teams’ presentations? Blow us away with something eye-catching. Are you making effective use of color, images, and text? Click here for tips for designing an effective, unforgettable presentation and see resources below for creating cool videos. This isn’t your standard university class or boardroom meeting—it’s the LWOW Original ConPosium! See also:

E. Team Practice + Required Check-ins

E1. Team Practice → SIGNUP REQUIRED; friday 15 April, 1 PM - 5 PM EDT

Friday should be dedicated to several in-person run-throughs of your ConPosium presentation your mentors. Reach out to to your mentors now to schedule some practice sessions. To this end, we have pre-booked rooms for you at the University of Miami from 1 PM - 5 PM. Please email Lauren to schedule a room.

E2. Check-ins to view room → SIGNUP REQUIRED; friday 15 April, 2 PM - 4 PM EDT

Each team must visit the Alumni Center on Friday afternoon for a brief walkthrough and check-in to familiarize yourselves with the ConPosium space. You will not be able to do a full practice in the room; however, we do encourage you to explore how you might use the room to your team’s advantage. Click here to sign up.

F. Pre-Presentation Microphones + Tech Prep Presentation

During the transition music prior to your team’s presentation, you will check in with José, our AV expert in the tech HQ. He will help each of you put on a wireless microphone consisting of an earpiece, a bendable microphone resting between your cheek and mouth, and a battery pack that will be attached somewhere on you. (Keep this in mind when choosing your outfits for the ConPosium.)


We have reserved your hotel room for you for three nights (15, 16, 17 April) at Coconut Grove Courtyard Marriott. You will be paired with a Student roommate. The room pairings are attached. The price for all three nights per student is $238.50. You will need to pay for your hotel upon check-out. If your school wants to pre-pay, please have them contact Janet (Janet.Janero@marriott.com). If you are going earlier or staying later, you will need to take care of those arrangements yourself and contact Janet. Mention you are with LawWithoutWalls and you will be able to get our group rate of $159.00. We will provide transportation to and from your hotel to the ConPosium on Saturday and Sunday. To get around Miami on your own, we recommend Uber and Lyft.

Schedule of Events + Meals + Transportation


The Miami Law cohort has prepared other optional events for you on Wednesday, Thursday, and late Saturday night. You will receive a Student-written Guide to Miami containing information on these events and more.