All-virtual course about innovation in law consisting of two parts: 

  • A) Live Webinars: live weekly 90-minute webinars featuring academics and thought leaders from around the world to explore the application of innovation and tech in the law with a global perspective. Participants will learn why and how clients’ expectations are changing, examine risks and opportunities, and consider ways to exceed expectations of critical stakeholders. This part of the course is open to the entire LWOW community including new and returning sponsors, alumni, team leaders, mentors, academics, and law/business school students from participating schools. Armed with a deeper understanding of the legal marketplace around the world and how innovation and technology is impacting the careers and work of legal professionals, all participants will be better able to contribute to their future jobs;

  • B) Virtual Teaming to Create a Project of Worth: virtual teaming among the student participants to create a Projects of Worth i.e., each student team creates an innovative solution to a real challenge related to social justice/entrepreneurship that is assigned to the team. This part of the course is for accepted students, alumni who are selected to serve as LWOW Project managers, and for volunteer mentors. It is designed to enable students to better collaborate and make more meaningful contributions during the Sprint. The webinar component contextualizes innovation in law by covering the broad topics that will frame the narrower challenges assigned to teams in the LWOW Sprint. The teaming/ideation component enables students to practice the skills they will employ in the Sprint beforehand.


A) Live Webinars featuring thought leaders from around the world to explore innovation in law (22:00-23:30 UTC Wednesdays).

  • Who attends: Professionals from participating sponsors and from our entire LWOW community are invited to attend the weekly Live Webinar portion of LWOW Xed. Students from law and business schools around the world (click here for a list of LWOW participating schools) attend the Live Webinars as part of the course.

B) Virtual Teaming to Create Projects of Worth

  • Who participates: Students from law and business schools around the world (click here for a list of LWOW participating schools)


  • Gain and/ or create deeper understanding of the global legal marketplace and how innovation is impacting the work, expectations, and  careers, of legal professionals.

  • Learn knowledge and skills that can be leveraged to create value and meaningful change at work.

  • Learn the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation and design thinking principals.

  • Gain invaluable preparation for future participation in the LWOW Sprint

  • Exchange with 2000+ our community of multi-disciplinary inter-generational change agents

  • For students, LWOW Xed participation is equivalent to a 3 credit course in the U.S.; for nonstudents, we will seek (but cannot promise) to provide Continuing Legal Education and/or ProBono credits.


This all-virtual synchronous course is designed to help aspiring and practicing law and business professionals gain deeper understanding of the global legal marketplace and how innovation is impacting the work, expectations, and careers of legal professionals with the goal that participants will be able to leverage the new knowledge to create value and meaningful change in work. As noted above, it is divided into two parts:


The first webinar will be a KickOff designed to review the 5 Steps to a Project of Worth so that student teams learn how to approach project development and it will include a teaming exercise so that student teams can get to know each other. The remaining webinars will be hosted by a mix of academics from different schools and institutions around the world featuring a mix of Thought Leaders (including general counsels, legal operations directors, law firm managing partners, law company chief executives, law firm associates and legal technologists/engineers, chief marketing officers, business development, and talent management etc.). Each webinar will be accompanied by literature for participants to read prior to the webinar (required for students/optional for others). Attendees participate via live chat and also video during the Q&A. After the 90 minute webinar featuring Thought Leaders, LWOW Xed student teams will meet virtually for 60 minutes with their assigned LWOW Project Manager (a former LWOW Alumni) who is seasoned in the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation. Student teams will present their Projects of Worth during the final webinar similar (like a ConPosium of years past). LWOW Xed can be taken alone (without continuing on to LWOW Sprint). However, for those students who have been accepted in LWOW Sprint 2020 (click here), LWOW Xed, is a pre-requisite.

B) TEAMing:

Student participants are put on teams with students from other LWOW schools and over the course of the 3 months, they hack on an assigned problem related to social justice/entrepreneurship. Their charge is to create a new business/innovation pitch proposal and presentation that solves the challenge they are assigned. Teams are guided by volunteer mentors and a dedicated LWOW Project Manager (noted above) who they meet with weekly for 60 minutes after the thought leader portion of the webinar has ended. Students are required to attend all live virtual sessions and also watch 8 pre-recorded LWOW webinars that provide substantive training for development of their projects. Topics of these recordings include consumer storytelling, prototyping, branding and business planning, and more. During the very last live webinar, student teams will present their innovation and business pitch deck in a 5 minute, 20-slide presentation. Students are assessed on their webinar participation, their business pitch deck, and final presentation. (Note: we cannot promise that students will (or will not) be on teams with the same students in LWOW Xed as they will be on LWOW Sprint.)

LWOW Xed Team Charts v.1.jpg


The course meets on Wednesdays from 21:50 UTC-24:30 UTC (4:50pm-7:30pm ET) beginning 22 January and ending 8 April.

  • 21:50 UTC (4:50pm ET): Participants enter the community waiting room (click here).

  • 22:00-23:30 UTC (5pm-6:30pm ET) Live webinars

  • 23:30-24:30 UTC (6:30pm-7:30pm ET) teaming session with LWOW Project Manager

Click here to enter the LWOW Live Webinar Virtual Room.

LWOW Xed is sponsored by Jim Ferraro and the Ferraro Law firm.