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would recommend LWOW to their colleagues, clients, partners, professors, and others.


OF professionals

agree that LWOW increased their knowledge of and ability to collaborate with teammates from different countries & cultures.


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agree that LWOW measurably improved their communication and presentation skills.


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agree that LWOW broadened their network + professional opportunities.


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agree that LWOW increased their mentorship skills.


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agree that LWOW measurably improved their ability to give + receive feedback.

"LWOW is dragging the legal profession into the 21st century through the use of technology and the enthusiasm of inspirational individuals."

in-house lawyer, BUPA

Innovation, Tech, Law + Business

"Through LawWithoutWalls, I experienced firsthand the new and evolving technologies on the market and more effective ways to communicate with my team and clients, gained a better understanding of the current challenges facing the legal market, and generated ideas to help resolve some of the problems we face day to day in legal practice."

senior associate, Eversheds

Skills, Competencies + Collaboration

"I have grown in confidence—much of what was involved in LWOW was out of my immediate comfort zone, but now I can use new technology to communicate and can work with people from other cultures." 

senior associate, Eversheds

"It was immensely interesting, thought-provoking and inspirational. I never considered being a lawyer could be as creative and entrepreneurial. I have recommended my company to continue participating in this programme so that each young lawyer in our Group could be energized and inspired by this wonderful program."


Community + Thought Leadership

"LawWithoutWalls is an opportunity for lawyers to have direct access to and interact with the world of law, its academic and professional leaders (and pioneers) and students from all countries and cultures. This enables the lawyers to gain insight on the law industry, foresee and adapt in light of any potential changes shaping the industry, learn from other members in the community on how to innovate and create new opportunities in the world of law, face and overcome challenges relating to the legal profession and succeed as a an entrepreneur and as lawyer."

in-house lawyer, Yahoo!

"I’ve found it quite inspiring to be in such an environment listening and contributing to ideas on issues which impact us all—it’s helped act as a reminder to me about the importance of keeping a keen eye on the future of the legal industry as it’s so easy to focus solely on the unrelenting day-to-day activity we all have."


Talent Recruitment + Client Relationships

"I was able to meet many lawyers and build positive, lasting relationships in a way that would usually not be possible (or take considerably longer to achieve."

group legal counsel, RICOH

 "LWOW is unique in the marketplace: bringing together students, academics and professional mentors from across the globe, looking to collaborate and develop new ideas in a genuinely innovative way. LWOW also gives unprecedented opportunity to network with a wide range of diverse people—I hope to build lasting relationships with many of those whom I met as part of LWOW. What an incredible experience!" 

senior associate, Eversheds

"Through LWOW, I interacted with other law practitioners and learned from their experience. I connected with members of the community and established long term relationships, broadened my network, and expanded my professional opportunities."

in-house lawyer, Yahoo!


"A cocktail of innovation, cultures, experiences, fun and self fulfillment." 




agree that LWOW broadened their professional network.



agree that LWOW builds and sharpens professional skills.



agree that LWOW was one of the best experiences in the course of their degree.


“Working with other students from around the world is one of the most inspired and fulfilling aspects of the experience.”

Student, university of pennsylvania

“The LawWithoutWalls experience is priceless. The challenges of perspective, language, and culture are a source of joy for me. I learned from this experience what it will take to motivate diverse teams, and organize them more effectively.”

Student, University College London

“I can honestly say that LawWithoutWalls has been the best experience I have had in law school.  I loved the ability to interact with a team of international attorneys and students in order to develop a real-world solution to a legal issue.  It has been the most hands-on, applicable experience I've had in law school.”

Student, Stanford

“Upon entering law school, it is easy to lose sight of your creativity, which once seemed so clear and inseparable from your identity.  LawWithoutWalls, for me, was the first time in my two years of legal scholarship that I finally felt like I could do more with my career than just joining a firm.  I will never forget LawWithoutWalls as it gave me the ability to recapture a part of myself that I had fear I had forgotten or lost.”

Student, University of Miami

“LawWithoutWalls has been the most personally fulfilling thing I have done in law school. Hands down.” 

Student, University of the Witswatersrand

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