Potential Topics For Future Years

Applying Skills in other Industries to the Legal Industry
Changes in the Hiring Process for Law School Students and Graduates
Cross Border Enforcement in Trade Laws
Cultural Competence in Multijurisdictional Law Practice
Community and Social Networking Among Law Firms and Companies
Developments in Interdisciplinary Legal Education
Effect of Globalization on Governmental Agencies
Emerging Ethical Issues in the Digital Age (e.g., conflicts of interest, attorney-client privilege, professionalism) 
Exporting the US Model of Legal Education
Government Provision of Legal Aid Funding
Information Flow Between Law Firms and General Counsels
Judicial Interaction across International Borders
Lawyer Entrepreneurs
Legal Gaming Applications
Legal Start-ups
New Media Tools and Social Justice Campaign
New Professional Service Firms
Positive and Negative Impact of Academic Tenure on Legal Education
Practice-based Legal Education Across the Globe
Privacy in the Age of Computer-Driven Legal Practice
Process and Accessibility of State Bar Ethics Opinions  
Professional Service Firms as Competition to Law Firms
Progressive Law Firms (e.g., virtual law firms)
Public Interest Work in Private Law Firms
Rise of the Importance of the Compliance Function in Large Corporations
Role of Law Schools in the Provision of Free Legal Services
Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Judges
Solo Practice Today
Technology in the Law School Classroom
Use of Psychology in the Administration of Justice
Virtual Legal Education Programs (e.g., long distance learning)