2011- 2014 Projects of Worth


2014 Projects of Worth

LWOW Original

  • Topic: Increasing Access to Justice and Creating New Models of Regulation: How Can the Two Go Hand-in-Hand?
  • Project of Worth: ProBonoPro.org “Be #selfless.”
    Be #selfless with ProBonoPro.org, a social media platform that matches law students with relevant pro bono opportunities, allows students to track and certify their pro bono hours, and enables others to publicly endorse students’ skills. 
  • CreatorsVasco Bilbao-Bastida, Lulia Hito, Sakumzi Langa
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Marcia Narine, Practitioner Mentor: Hena Ninan, Corporate Mentor: Rebecca Vaughan, Entrepreneur Mentor: Sean McDonald, Alumni Advisor: Ashley Matthews
  • Topic: Court Systems and Technology: If I am a Legal Document Where Do I Go and How Do I Get There?
  • Project of Worth: Judgment Pay "It’s finally the day you get paid, it’s judgment pay."
    Judgment Pay is an online portal that harnesses the powers of crowdsourcing to help those who have obtained a favorable civil judgment collect the money they are owed. 
  • CreatorsPaul DeCoster, Ivan Louis, Laura Song
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Diego Arroyo, Practitioner Mentor: Laura Mazzola, Corporate Mentor: David McBride, Corporate Mentor: Peter Sudbury, Entrepreneur Mentor: Andy Daws, Alumni Advisor: Kushal Malhotra
  • Topic: Practicing Law as a Network Rather Than as a Firm:  Best Practices, Best Platforms, Best Rules of the Game
  • Project of Worth: LegalDiAMOND “Ironing out the wrinkles in the transition from law firm partner to an active retirement.”
    LegalDiAMOND provides retiring partners with a smooth transition out of the law firm by facilitating meaningful connections to charity organizations. 
  • CreatorsSophie Berner-Eyde, Danielle Coupet, Annabelle Gauvain
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Moray McLaren, Practitioner Mentor: Jamie Dunlop, Corporate Mentor: Suwad Patankar, Entrepreneur Mentor: Kevin Doolan, Alumni Advisor: Pia Nuñez
  • Topic: It’s Not Our Responsibility Or Is It?:  Balancing the Commercial Goal of Making Money with the Moral Obligation to Protect Human Rights
  • Project of Worth: FACToryReport “Vision through Voice: Providing Companies with true vision into their factories by giving a voice to the workers.”
    FACToryReport is a mobile-based grievance mechanism that collects and reports data and is linked to a certification system to promote corporate social responsibility and increased supply chain transparency. 
  • CreatorsErica Appelman, Tiernan Christensen, Giorgia Linardi
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Rita Shackel, Practitioner Mentor: Liz Rieser-Murphy, Practitioner Mentor: Victoria Groves, Corporate Mentor: Manisha Ramchurn, Entrepreneur Mentor: Bryan Treglia, Business Mentor: Imogen Lee, Alumni Advisor: Lining Zhang
  • Topic: The More Lawyers Work, the Less They Learn: How Do Lawyers Keep Up on New Law?
  • Project of Worth: LawBytes "Automatic. Relevant. Necessary."
    LawBytes enables lawyers to keep up on their areas of expertise by instantly providing the latest business and legal information in bite-sized form.
  • CreatorsChelsea Shar, Jose Tomas Ureta, Wojciech Zaluska
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Ed Waitzer, Practitioner Mentor: Lucy Webster, Corporate Mentor: Charlotte Sumner, Entrepreneur Mentor: Josh Kubicki, Alumni Advisor: Rajini Murugeshan
  • Topic: MOOCs, DOCCs, and Avatars, Oh My: How Will We Educate Our Lawyers and Law School Students Tomorrow?
  • Project of Worth: 6 Minute Law
    Bitesize legal updates for English family lawyers for smart phones, tablets, and computers. 
  • CreatorsSophie Cerny, Chi Wenhui, Matthew Mills
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Pedro Letai, Practitioner Mentor: Fiona Hammett, Business Mentor: Alex Roy, Corporate Mentor: Vicky El-Khoury Sfeir, Entrepreneur Mentor: Hugh Totten, Alumni Advisor: Rico Williams
  • Topic: Robot Lawyers: The Future of On-Line Chat Attorneys
  • Project of Worth: LegalLeave
    LegalLeave  is a human resources robot that saves UK companies time and money by ensuring employee leave inquiries meet legislation and company policies and by managing employee leave records.
  • CreatorsSigtryggur Arnthorsson, Constantinos Pashiardis, Juan Pitta, Adrienne Scheffey
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Helga Kristín Auðunsdóttir, Business Mentor: Michael Hertz, Practitioner Mentor: Laura Hickman, Corporate Mentor: Ashok Mutthapan, Entrepreneur Mentor: Chrissie Lightfoot, Alumni Advisor: Geoffrey Weg
  • Topic: Business Advisor, Psychiatrist, Friend, Legal Counsellor, Gatekeeper: Putting the Many Faces of the Lawyer Together in an Integrative Way
  • Project of Worth: Spring Now “Grow your business from the ground up.”
    Spring Now provides practical, interactive, and effective legal and business resources to the modern small business owner operating online. From setup to sale, Spring Now guides small business owners to success. 
  • CreatorsLin Deyu, Maria Daniela Pedrique, Onur Saygin
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Robert E. Rosen, Practitioner Mentor: John Wilson, Corporate Mentor: Kennies Fung, Entrepreneur Mentor: Ida Abbott, Alumni Advisor: Jill Barrett
  • Topic: Secondments: Client Service at its Best or a Second Rate Solution?
  • Project of Worth: Second.Me "Putting secondments first."
    Second.Me is a virtual platform that allows law firms to maximise their returns on a secondment. Second.Me's proprietary software allows users to capture value typically lost in the secondment review process by enabling knowledge sharing and management. 
  • CreatorsKaruna Lakhani, Marco Pindo, Anne Rickelt
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Larry Marshall, Practitioner Mentor: Laura Bickerton, Corporate Mentor: Dominique Ashby, Entrepreneur Mentor: Peter Lederer, Alumni Advisor: Steve Mehr
  • Topic: Redesigning the Client Legal Memo: How Can Lawyers Create A More Interactive Way to Help Clients Avoid Legal Problems?
  • Project of Worth: Legal Loop “Keeping your client in the loop.”
    Legal Loop is an interactive cloud-based website that assists lawyers in keeping their clients updated and informed about their case via a convenient, easy-to-use platform. 
  • CreatorsLaura Callava, Ido Dembin, Guðmundur Einarsson
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Marco Salgado, Practitioner Mentor: Nick Sharratt, Corporate Mentor: Peter Finch, Entrepreneur Mentor: Magnus Stein, Entrepreneur Mentor: Phyllis Weiss Haserot, Alumni Advisor:Tobit Martel
  • Topic: Introducing The New Shareholders: Designing The Optimal Law Firm Ownership Structure in an ABS World
  • Project of Worth: Case Crowdfund “Accessing Justice from the Cloud”
    Case Crowdfund is the Kickstarter of personal injury litigation in the United States. We help connect personal injury victims and their law firms with people looking to profit from investing in the legal services industry while furthering access to justice. 
  • CreatorsDong Shaoling, Roberto Gomes, Martin Sui-Ming Hui 
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Brian Broughman, Practitioner Mentor: Ryan Mark, Corporate Mentor: Mona Qiu, Entrepreneur Mentor: James Batham, Alumni Advisor: Sean Maye
  • Topic: Legal Gaming: Can Having Fun Improve Legal Services?
  • Project of Worth: REALations "Let gaming get you to the next level in real life negotiations with REALations."
    Compete, collaborate, and communicate with friends, strangers, colleagues, and even your favorite law professor as you negotiate to win. 
  • CreatorsLindsey A. Henry, Isabelle Nazon, Ana Martínez Valls
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Rodrigo Octavio Broglia Mendes, Practitioner Mentor: Judith Mulholand, Corporate Mentor: Gaurav Sharma, Entrepreneur Mentor: Adam Ziegler, Alumni Advisor: Josh Brandsdorfer
  • Topic: Taking the Solo Out of Solo Practice:  Finding The Right Accompaniments to Make Solo Practice a Success
  • Project of Worth: SoloBuilders.com
    Solo Builders: a website to start, manage, and expand solo attorneys’ practice so that they never fly solo again. 
  • CreatorsEphraim Olson, Julian Rudolph, Julie Spain
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Ray Campbell, Practitioner Mentor: Ben McLeod, Corporate Mentor: James Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor: Susan Cartier Liebel, Alumni Advisor: Andreas Imthurn, Alumni Advisor:Jackie Yeung, Alumni Advisor: Chris Callahan
  • Topic: Targeting the Consumer Law Market with Predictive Data Analytics:  Big Brother? or My Brother’s Keeper?
  • Project of Worth: Genere Opus
    Genere Opus helps class action lawyers pinpoint and pursue potential class actions by using big data to identify possible claimholders in Quebec. 
  • CreatorsBi Xiaohan, Briane Cornish-Knight, Etienne Gauvreau-Hurtubise
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Renee Newman Knake, Practitioner Mentor: Nick Pinder, Corporate Mentor:Nawal El Sadik, Entrepreneur Mentor: David Schnurman, Alumni Advisor: Lindsay Columbo
  • Topic: Coping Alone: How Should Legal Systems Cope With Self-Represented Litigants?
  • Project of Worth: Court Companion “Family matters.” 
    Court Companion provides the support and help those who represent themselves in family court need but do not get from the legal system. 
  • CreatorsKoren Grinshpoon, Jackie Robinson, Agnieszka Zalewska
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Barrie Sander, Practitioner Mentor: Emma Williams, Corporate Mentor: Annie Bowden, Entrepreneur Mentor: James Peters, Alumni Advisor: Stephanie Chichetti
  • Topic: Court Systems and Technology: If I am a Legal Document Where Do I Go and How Do I Get There?
  • Project of Worth: Nirubi “Hear Victims, Help Victims, Protect Victims.”
    Help victims of Human Rights abuses find their voice and share their story. Nirubi is an innovative app interface that provides a secure way for NGOs to gather, record, and share witness testimony.
  • CreatorsCiara Beades, Claire Farnoux, Geevith Rubakumar
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Marie-Claude Rigaud, Entrepreneur Mentor: Monica Goyal, Entrepreneur Mentor: Mike Greenberg, Alumni Advisor: Bhargavi Raman

2014 ConPosium Introduction Video  

2014 ConPosium Awards Ceremony Video


  • Topic: Increasing Access to Justice and Creating New Models of Regulation: How Can the Two Go Hand-in-Hand?
  • Project of Worth: MyCourtAmigo
    Created a phone application that reminds defendants in the Miami-Dade Drug Court about their court/drug testing appointments.  
  • CreatorsAbdelrrahim Assouam, Jordan Hadley, Bríd O' Brien
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Trish White, Practitioner Mentor: Mark Graffagnini, Entrepreneur Mentor: Dan Lear, Alumni Advisor: Lauren Quattromani
  • Topic: Court Systems and Technology: If I am a Legal Document Where Do I Go and How Do I Get There?
  • Project of Worth: Nirubi “Hear Victims, Help Victims, Protect Victims.”
    Help victims of Human Rights abuses find their voice and share their story. Nirubi is an innovative app interface that provides a secure way for NGOs to gather, record, and share witness testimony.
  • CreatorsCiara Beades, Claire Farnoux, Geevith Rubakumar
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Marie-Claude Rigaud, Entrepreneur Mentor: Monica Goyal, Entrepreneur Mentor: Mike Greenberg, Alumni Advisor: Bhargavi Raman
  • Topic: Practicing Law as a Network Rather Than as a Firm: Best Practices, Best Platforms, Best Rules of the Game
  • Project of Worth: KILINDA, A Legal Network Protecting Children
    Created a global network that teams junior and experienced lawyers to tackle difficult human rights cases dealing with children specifically. The underexperienced lawyers receive mentoring and real work experience while qualified attorneys can fulfil their pro bono requirements. 
  • CreatorsAmir Dhillon, Robert Hoffman, Anne Isabellon
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Andres Sawicki, Practitioner Mentor: Coraline Haitjema, Entrepreneur Mentor: Jorge Colon, Alumni Advisor: Rico Williams
  • Topic: It’s Not Our Responsibility Or Is It?:  Balancing the Commercial Goal of Making Money with the Moral Obligation to Protect Human Rights
  • Project of Worth: WOKURIBE
    WORKURIBE provides the information needed by international organizations and the tools needed by local NGOs to protect the human rights of the people in Niger Delta from the exploitation of oil companies. 
  • Creators: Joy Oti, Park Kyunghyun
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: John Flood, Practitioner Mentor: Peter Lederer, Practitioner Mentor: Liz Rieser-Murphy, Entrepreneur Mentor: Janelle Milodragovich, Alumni Advisor: Wang Hui
  • Topic: The More Lawyers Work, the Less They Learn: How Do Lawyers Keep Up on New Law?
  • Project of Worth: The Legal Precedent
    Created a research database for lawyers that gives them the research they need. It gets rid of inconsequential or extraneous cases, by organizing the case law within subtopics. 
  • CreatorsNosheen Ali, Alessandra Ionata, Edward Krakauer
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Cheryl Zuckerman, Practitioner Mentor: Paul Lannon, Entrepreneur Mentor: Ivan Rasic, Alumni Advisor: Paige Reese
  • Topic: MOOCs, DOCCs, and Avatars, Oh My:  How Will We Educate Our Lawyers and Law School Students Tomorrow?
  • Project of Worth: LexEdge
    Created a game that teachs risk management skills, making the learning process evolutionary and immersive. LexEdge uses methodology from education theory - using spaced repetition and repeat testing of information to reach the ‘higher levels’ of learning. 
  • CreatorsEric Cuevas, Jerome Jackson, Theodore Lister
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Scott Rogers, Practitioner Mentor: Liz Lamar, Entrepreneur Mentor: Jon Harman, Alumni Advisor: Geoffrey Weg
  • Topic: Robot Lawyers: The Future of On-Line Chat Attorneys
  • Project of Worth: LegalBrew
    Create a one-stop legal resource shop for microbrew enthusiasts seeking to turn their hobby into profit.
  • CreatorsLindsay Bierman, Shauna France, Claire Gusko, Arvine Nooralian
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Anna Donovan, Practitioner Mentor: Steve Mehr, Entrepreneur Mentor: Jack Newton, Alumni Advisor: Stephanie Chichetti

2013 Projects of Worth

  • Topic: The Law School Law Firm: Can and Should Law Schools be Legal Service Providers?
  • Project of Worth: LawVentures “Ideate. Innovate. Implement.”
    LawVentures is an incubator for business innovations by law students, providing both resources and a physical space for taking ideas to launch. 
  • CreatorsVijay V. Paul (NLS), Stefanie Shih (Stanford), Casey Unrein (IE Business)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Trish White, Practitioner Mentor: Tahlia Gordon, Practitioner Mentor: Lucy Chadwick, Corporate Mentor: Sarah Jackson, Entrepreneur Mentor: David Schnurman
  • Topic: A School for General Counsels? How Should Prospective GCs Develop Their Skill Set?
  • Project of Worth: University of General Counsels (UGC)
    The University of General Counsels is an online platform connecting general counsels to law schools, enabling law students to become more attractive candidates for in-house counsel positions directly out of law school. 
  • CreatorsJosh Brandsforfer (Miami), Gabriela Codorniz (São Paulo), Matan Ganani (IE Business), Jiang Li (STL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Marcia Narine, Practitioner Mentor: Mark Smith, Practitioner Mentor: Grace Leung, Corporate Mentor: Andrew Simpson, Entrepreneur Mentor: Jorge Colón
  • Topic: Discovery in the Cloud: Can a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy Survive the Age of Technology?
  • Project of Worth: Cloud Quickstart “Kickstart your cloud education.”
    Cloud Quickstart is an interactive, online resource educating lawyers about cloud technology and how it can optimize their practice. 
  • CreatorsYoni Levy (Harvard), Sean Maye (Miami), Marta Ottogalli (IE University), Bhargavi Raman(NLS)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Amy Sepinwall, Practitioner Mentor: Coraline Haitjema, Practitioner Mentor: Chris Preston, Corporate Mentor: Georgina Leech, Entrepreneur Mentor: Jack Newton
  • Topic: Law Firm Efficiency: Tomorrowland or Fantasyland?
  • Project of Worth: Efficientia “Lawyers efficient way to learn efficiency.”
  • CreatorsTobit Martel (Montréal), Matthew Pfaff (Indiana), Cris Yamaji (São Paulo)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Cheryl Zuckerman, Practitioner Mentor: Liz Lamar, Practitioner Mentor: Daniel Taylor, Corporate Mentor: Lucía Lobato, Entrepreneur Mentor: Richard Granat
  • Topic: Supermarket Law Firms: Honey, Can You Pick Up Some Ice Cream and an LL.C.?
  • Project of Worth: LegalAxis “Revolving around you.”
    LegalAxis is an innovative new business model that delivers basic legal service at a fix competitive cost. LegalAxis increases the access to legal services through a hybrid model where service can be delivered online or at a retail space.
  • CreatorsMatt Evans (UCL), Amir Pelleg (Miami), Neal Sangal (Stanford)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: John Flood, Practitioner Mentor: James Peters, Practitioner Mentor: Becky Gibson, Corporate Mentor: Sasha Blacker, Entrepreneur Mentor: Chrissie Lightfoot
  • Topic: Crunching Mega Data to Make Decisions: Risks and Rewards of Quantitative Legal Prediction
  • Project of Worth: MyDataWatch “Your data is the target. Aim to educate yourself.”
    MyDataWatch is an open source website for people to read (in layman terms) the ways in which companies are collecting data to which they may or may not have consented to and how this data is being used by the company. This source provides a discussion forum and best practices on how data should be used to protect the privacy of the consumer in certain situations. 
  • CreatorsStephanie Chichetti (NYLS), Chetna Kumar (NLS), Wang Hui (STL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: John Coates, Practitioner Mentor: Hugh Totten, Practitioner Mentor: Michelle Wallis, Corporate Mentor: Lara Barton, Corporate Mentor: Christopher Dye, Entrepreneur Mentor: Bryan Treglia
  • Topic: Crowd Source and Open Source Lawyering: Good Job or Flash Mob?
  • Project of Worth: Access 2 Access
    Access 2 Access is a web platform that uses crowdsourcing to provide resources to underprivileged communities.
  • CreatorsBashar Daher (Montréal), Andreas Imthurn (St. Gallen), Roby Yoskowitz (Harvard)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Ray Campbell, Practitioner Mentor: Jacqueline Gasser-Beck, Practitioner Mentor: Alanna Bullock, Corporate Mentor: Rebecca Danby. Entrepreneur Mentor: Mike Greenberg
  • Topic: Cyber Justice: Using Technology to Provide Legal Services to Underserved Around the Globe
  • Project of Worth: Law for all Women (LFAW)
    LFAW provides technological solutions for issues women face around the world by empowering them with the knowledge and resources they need. 
  • CreatorsRajini Murugeshan (NLS), Tara Schoen (Fordham)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Elizabeth Chambliss, Practitioner Mentor: Darryl Mountain, Corporate Mentor: Peter Sudbury, Corporate Mentor: Hayley Wills, Entrepreneur Mentor: Stephanie Kimbro
  • Topic: Not Lost in Translation: Delivering Legal Services Across Multiple Jurisdictions and Common/Civil Law Traditions
  • Project of Worth: GoGlobalLawyers
    GGL is a membership-based one-stop-shop resource portal that provides attorneys and law firms the information they need to expand their legal services into overseas jurisdictions. By providing business set-up advice, cultural insights, local introductions, and professional services discounts, GGL helps firms by streamlining their expansion processes and connecting them to other members in the GGL community.
  • CreatorsJill Barrett (UCL), Joel Fox (Tel Aviv), Miwa Gardner-Page (Wharton), Yana Mityaeva (Miami)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Marie-Claude Rigaud, Practitioner Mentor: Peter Lederer, Practitioner Mentor: David Savage, Corporate Mentor: Béranger Pène, Entrepreneur Mentor: Monica Goyal
  • Topic: Doing Well and Doing Good: New Models for Pro Bono in Legal Education and Practice
  • Project of Worth: JusticeBeyondWalls “Bringing 21st century technology behind 20th century walls.” This team created JusticeBeyondWalls, a virtual portal to connect the underserved and underprivileged in American immigration centers with Pro Bono lawyers throughout the United States. 
  • CreatorsLeticia Mayberry (Indiana), Louisa Vaupel (Sydney), Sarah Vettiger (St. Gallen)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Larry Marshall, Practitioner Mentor: Marta Gonzalez, Corporate Mentor:Verónica Villarroya, Entrepreneur Mentor: Scott Rogers
  • Topic: Building a Better Mousetrap: Recreating and Redefining Successful Social Networking by Law Firms and Law Schools
  • Project of Worth: Lawyers Future: Information Technology
    Lawyers Future is a website for lawyers to educate each other on the latest technology and work with IT specialists to improve their capacity and resources. 
  • CreatorsFritjof Franz (IE Business), Ruth Kennedy (UCL), Ma Ji (STL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Renee Knake, Practitioner Mentor: Adam Ziegler, Practitioner Mentor: Scott Oakes, Corporate Mentor: Natalie Hunt, Entrepreneur Mentor: Phyllis Weiss Haserot
  • Topic: The Increasing Importance of Corporate Compliance: More Jobs For Law Grads or Another Threat to Lawyers’ Monopoly?
  • Project of Worth: My Compliance Match
    My Compliance Match is a database for small companies seeking compliance service providers.
  • CreatorsLindsay Columbo (Miami), Nao Iwamoto (Wharton), Guo Fan (STL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Rob Rosen, Practitioner Mentor: : Steve Mark, Practitioner Mentor: Kay Korb, Corporate Mentor: Charles Smith, Entrepreneur Mentor: Nikhil Nirmel
  • Topic: The Death of the Cover Letter: Rethinking How to Find a Job and Build a Career
  • Project of Worth: JD Handshake
    JD Handshake matches prospective employers with law students through an online platform. Please email us if you would like to watch the recording of this presentation.
  • CreatorsMike Paranal (Wharton), Paige Reese (Miami), Jackie Nga Man Yeung (UCL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Joe Hoffmann, Practitioner Mentor: Ida Abbott, Practitioner Mentor: Nadia D'Agostino, Corporate Mentor: Elaine Tracey, Entrepreneur Mentor: Susan Cartier Liebel
  • Topic: The New Face of Diversity:  Supporting Minority Attorneys in the Local and Global Legal Marketplace
  • Project of Worth: Diversia
    Diversia educates today’s professionals on cultural competencies through interactive gamification. 
  • CreatorsPia Núñez (UC), Iker Romero (IE University), Jae Zhou (Fordham)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Francisco Satiro, Practitioner Mentor: Marco Salgado, Practitioner Mentor: Angela Marston, Corporate Mentor: Chontelle Wright, Entrepreneur Mentor: Moray McLaren

2012 Projects of Worth

  • Topic: Trickle Down Justice? Access to Justice for Vulnerable Client Populations
  • Project of Worth: Founded a global NGO featuring a social-network like website specifically designed to unite and connect legal, political, and community advocates around the world who fight against human trafficking. 
  • CreatorsMargaret Hagan (Stanford), Ashley Matthews (Miami), Iqra Musaddaq (UCL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Jacqui Kinghan, Practitioner Mentor: Marcia Narine, Alumni Advisor: Mike Rozensher, Subject Expert Advisor: Roxie Bacon, Entrepreneur Advisor: Monica Goyal
  • Topic: Marketing Law Schools: Truth in Advertising or Bait and Switch? 
  • Project of Worth: Designed a web-based business that connects undergrads intending to go to law school with well-educated advisors who can help them make wise and educated choices regarding their law school of choice.
  • CreatorsJoel McNabney (Miami), Mike Williams (Sydney) 
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: John Coates , Practitioner Mentor: Hugh Totten, Alumni Advisor: Amanda Willis, Subject Expert Advisor: Kevin Doolan, Entrepreneur Advisor: Phyllis Weiss Haserot
  • Topic: International Arbitration: What’s Under the Invisibility Cloak? 
  • Project of Worth: Created a website that, using a "bottom up" approach, allows individuals to share and allow others to learn from their experiences with consumer arbitration when a contractual agreement with an international entity has gone awry.
  • Creators: Li Longfei (STL), Erika Pagano (Miami), Naomi Waibel (NYLS)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Rob Rosen, Practitioner Mentor: Deborah Enix-Ross, Alumni Advisor: Liz Rieser-Murphy, Subject Expert Advisor: Steven Bennett, Entrepreneur Advisor: David Schnurman
  • Topic:  Lawyers and Law Students: Managing Time and Stress 
  • Project of Worth: Developed a smartphone app featuring a dynamic, all-knowing female avatar who guides law students 24/7/365 through the multiple and complex challenges of their legal education.
  • CreatorsVictoria Broomfield (Sydney), Lisa Fahey (Indiana)
  • Mentors:  Academic Mentor: Bruce Green, Practitioner Mentor: Scott Rogers, Alumni Advisor: Chris Callahan, Subject Expert Advisor: Scott Westfahl, Entrepreneur Advisor: Bryan Treglia
  • Topic: Publicly Held Law Firms in UK and Australia: The Big Bang or Big Bust? 
  • Project of Worth: Created a sophisticated consultancy to advise law firms in the UK and Australia who are considering going public and offer a quadre of services to those who choose to pursue this course.
  • CreatorsSebastian De Osma (IE), Stephanie Panchkowry (UCL), Brian Spiro (Miami)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: John Flood, Practitioner Mentor: Larry Newman, Alumni Advisor: Kyle Marshall, Subject Expert Advisor: Steve Mark, Entrepreneur Advisor: Susan Cartier Liebel
  • Topic: Global Legal Service Firms: Is it Possible to Marry Cultures? 
  • Project of Worth: Created a diverse consultancy featuring experts from multiple countries and cultures that comprehensively trains individuals who require cultural competencies in a new country in order to thrive profesionally.
  • CreatorsSteve Mehr (Indiana), Sun Lan (STL), Katie Wang (Fordham)
  • Mentors:  Academic Mentor: John VarghesePractitioner Mentor: Peter LedererAlumni Advisor: Zhang LiningSubject Expert Advisor: William TwiningEntrepreneur Advisor: David Gold
  • Topic: Law School Debt: Students Beware or Law Schools Take Action? 
  • Project of Worth: Created a low-cost website using widely available web tools that crunches data and produces invaluable data to prospective law students who are unsure whether taking on the debt of attending a particular law school is a wise financial decision considering the recent job/salary prospects for recent graduates of that law school.
  • CreatorsNeil Devani (Stanford), Sean Koehler (Fordham), Katie Leah (UCL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Trish White, Practitioner Mentor: Coraline Haitjema, Alumni Advisor: Nawal Hssinou, Subject Expert Advisor: Laurel Terry, Entrepreneur Advisor: David Elkins
  • Topic:  Law School Career Services: The Next Generation 
  • Project of Worth: Developed a website targeted to law school career services office that allows schools to much better serve the career search needs of their students by providing online tools and resources that are unavailable through more traditional delivery methods.
  • CreatorsAnjali Deshmukh (Stanford), Eugenia Schraa (Fordham)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Joe Hoffmann, Practitioner Mentor: Cheryl Zuckerman, Alumni Advisor: Kirsten Heenan, Subject Expert Advisor: Marti Candiello, Entrepreneur Advisor: Moray McLaren
  • Topic: Women in the Law: Is the Glass Ceiling Cracked, Smashed, or Unbreakable? 
  • Project of Worth: Designed a smartphone app specifically for female lawyers that connects users with other female lawyers to form an online community while also offering a variety of services, functions, and resources.
  • CreatorsLynnett Brooks (NYLS), Lauren Quattromani (Miami), Tao Xu (STL)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Renee Newman Knake, Practitioner Mentor: Ida Abbott, Alumni Advisor: Wu Dan , Subject Expert Advisor: Annette Torres, Entrepreneur Advisor: Mae O'Malley  
  • Topic: Virtual Legal Education: Can Law Schools Span the Distance? 
  • Project of Worth: Designed an all-encompassing, powerful piece of software that puts together a number of the very best features of software products often used in online education to create a one-stop-shop software solution for law schools looking to do virtual education right.
  • Creators Nicolas Jacquemart (St. Gallen)Jason Machowsky (NYLS), Rico Williams (Miami)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Juan Francisco Ortega Díaz, Practitioner Mentor: Tahlia Gordon, Alumni Advisor: Casey Dieck, Subject Expert Advisor: Andrea Johnson, Entrepreneur Advisor: Jack Newton
  • Topic: Alternative Courts on the Brain: Psychologically Based, but Are They Sound? 
  • Project of Worth: Using current psychological and neuroscientific research, created a web-based plug-in for social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ that teaches responsibilioty and encourages moral decison-making by using cookies and custom-crafted algorithms to inform users when they are making poor posting choices and provide them the opportunity to make a better decision.
  • CreatorsPreetha Chakrabarti (Fordham), Andrés Díaz (Los Andes)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Rita Shackel, Practitioner Mentor: Brian Harel, Alumni Advisor: Christine Garg, Subject Expert Advisor: Amanda Pustilnik, Entrepreneur Advisor: Mike Greenberg
  • Topic: Lawyers Acting as Non-Lawyers and Non-Lawyers Acting as Lawyers: What Should be Considered the Unauthorized Practice of Law?
  • Project of Worth: Developed a web-based professional match-making service that connects start-up companies looking for talented professionals to help build the business with recently graduated, entrepreneurially-minded lawyers who are pursuing a non-traditional career.
  • Creators Kushal Malhotra (IE), Diana Peñaloza (Los Andes), Wang Qiongyue (STL)
  • Mentors:  Academic Mentor: Elizabeth Chambliss, Practitioner Mentor: David Chameli, Alumni Advisor: Adam Enjoy, Subject Expert Advisor: Jordan Furlong, Entrepreneur Advisor: Chrissie Lightfoot
  • Topic: The Disaggregation of Legal Services: A Service or Disservice to Clients 
  • Project of Worth: Built an aggregating website that serves as a one-stop-shop for customers looking for online legal services, allowing them to easily search for a solution across multiple online legal service providers to find the best fit and solution.
  • Creators: Sophie Howard (UCL), Matt Walsh (Harvard), Geoffrey Weg (NYLS)
  • Mentors: Academic Mentor: Ray Campbell, Practitioner Mentor: Liz Lamar, Alumni Advisor: Indira Murthy, Subject Expert Advisor: James Peters, Entrepreneur Advisor: Stephanie Kimbro

2011 Projects of Worth

  • Topic: The Outsourcing of Legal Services: The Struggle Between Ethics and Efficiency
  • Project of Worth: Conceptualized a new masters degree program for students who want to enter the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) field
  • CreatorsKara Romagnino, Miami Law and Christine Garg, New York Law School
  • Mentors: Rob Rosen and Peter Lederer
  • Topic: Conflicting Global Cultures: Bridging the Gap in Legal Education and Practice
  • Project of Worth: Created an action plan to make Shari’ah-compliant finance more accessible in the U.S.
  • Creators: Casey Dieck, Miami Law and Amanda Willis, New York Law School
  • Mentors: Elizabeth Chambliss and Marcia Narine
  • Topic: Lawyers' WorkSpace in the Digital Age: Its Architecture, Design, and Aesthetic Impact 
  • Project of Worth: An Aesthetic Consultancy that designs beautiful space to enable people to access law’s power, efficiently harness its potential, and therefore maximize its impact on institutions and society
  • CreatorsJulie Dahlgard, Miami Law, Kyle Marshall, Miami Law, and Thomas Dance, UCL Laws
  • Mentors: Jacqui Kinghan and Coraline Haitjema
  • Topic: The Business of Legal Education: Teaching Law Students Real Business Skills 
  • Project of Worth: Conceived a multi-level video game simulation designed to teach law students financial analysis and case recovery calculation skills
  • CreatorsChris Callahan, Miami Law and Indira Murthy, UCL Laws
  • Mentors: Michele DeStefano and Ida Abbott 
  • Topic: Third Party Litigation Funding: Friend or Foe?
  • Project of Worth: Created a business plan for an online community to provide consumer protection information and risk calculation tools for both consumer-plaintiffs and lawyers who are considering using third parties to fund litigation
  • CreatorsMari Byrne, Fordham Law and Mike Rozensher, Harvard Law School
  • Mentors: Ray Campbell and Steven C. Bennett
  • Topic: Fallout from the Legal Services Act: Publicly Held Law Firms and Other New Models of Law Firm Structure and Ownership  
  • Project of Worth: Designed an online resource to the Legal Services Act 2007 that provides information on the LSA, offers an external finance matrix for prospective law firm investment, and connects the LSA community by providing a blog and forum for discussion
  • CreatorsKirsten Heenan, Harvard Law School and Anna Pope, UCL Laws
  • Mentors: David Wilkins and Michael Greenberg
  • Topic: Finding Common Ground: Regulatory Issues Across International Borders  
  • Project of Worth: Conceptualized a global association for legal services regulators and developed an online forum through which national and subnational lawyer regulators could connect, share learnings, and cooperate with respect to lawyer licensing and discipline
  • CreatorsWu Dan, Peking University STL and Liz Rieser-Murphy, Miami Law
  • Mentors: Trish White and Larry W. Newman
  • Topic: Judging 2.0: Embracing the Challenges and Benefits of Globalization and Technological Advances in the Courtroom 
  • Project of Worth: Created a multimedia website to provide information, resources, and tools to help pro se clients better present at trial
  • CreatorsNawal Hssinou, UCL Laws and Marc Sittenreich, Fordham Law
  • Mentors: John Flood and Cheryl Zuckerman
  • Topic: Redefining the Smart Lawyer: Professional and Emotional Intelligence Training 
  • Project of Worth: Conceptualized an Emotional Intelligence in Legal Practice Test for law students and practitioners, a stand alone course on emotional intelligence for law school professors, and a Post J.D. Certificate in Emotional Intelligence for law schools
  • CreatorsMara Slakas, New York Law School and Adam Enjoy, Peking University STL
  • Mentors: Renee Knake and Scott Rogers
  • Topic: Rethinking Value: Alternative Strategies to the Billable Hour 
  • Project of Worth: Created a website designed to match individuals looking to buy or sell residential real estate in New York City with lawyers who offer a non-traditional billing structure and who are willing to allow for consumers to bid on their services
  • CreatorsCorey Gaul, New York Law School and Fu Chenyuan, Peking University STL
  • Mentors: Bruce Green and Hugh Totten
  • Topic: Technology Boom or Bust: Law Firms Reinvented or the End of Law Firms?  
  • Project of Worth: Developed a business model that would help Chinese law firms embrace technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and the quality of legal services
  • CreatorZhang Lining, Peking University STL
  • Mentors: John Coates and Bryan Treglia