LWOW PopUps are interactive community and skills building events designed to help introduce LWOW to newcomers and provide refreshers to those who have participated in LWOW before. Hosted at various places around the world, these PopUps will vary in content and form, however, each PopUp will include an interactive exercise related to teaming or creative, collaborative problem solving that attendees can later utilize in their own teaming efforts at the organizations in which they work. The first LWOW PopUp will take place on either 16 or 17 January, 2020 (Location and Host TBD).


PopUps are a great opportunity to build brand recognition as a leader in innovation and to share innovation success stories among the LWOW Community.  They are also an opportunity to “train the trainers”. The host selects the “trainer” and leads this part of the event. LWOW will work with the host to elevate the event, providing our tested framework and guidance on delivery and content, from a simple marketing exercise to an educational and impactful evening of training and networking. 


  • Gain and/ or create deeper understanding of the global legal marketplace and how innovation is impacting the work, expectations, and  careers, of legal professionals.

  • Learn knowledge and skills that can be leveraged to create value and meaningful change at work.

  • Exchange with our community of multi-disciplinary inter-generational change agents


An entity volunteers to host a LWOW PopUp and finds a seasoned experienced LWOW Thought Leader who can facilitate a 90 minute interactive session related to creative, collaborative problem solving at the intersection of innovation, technology, and law. The session can include a case-study with discussion or an exercise in teaming or collaboration or problem solving. Each PopUp will vary but the main goals are to build networks and accelerate the community’s knowledge and/or skills on how to lead or leverage change in the legal ecosystem. After the interactive session, the PopUp will conclude with a cocktail celebration.

Invitees are a mix of newcomers who want a taste of LWOW and local LWOW alumni/evangelists who want a LWOW refresher and to spread the LWOW fire to help induct new members and sponsors into the LWOW community.

These PopUps will be free to invite-attendees, the costs of which will be borne by the PopUp host which in turn will create important relationships and lead to new solutions.