2019 LWOW Live Webinars


  1. 30 January 2019 You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea: The art of problem refinement
    Thought Leaders: Michele DeStefano and Erika Pagano

    Webinar goals:
    ● Understand and identify the difference between symptoms and problems
    ● Learn approaches for unpacking different aspects of a problem/challenge
    ● Explore how the refined problem impacts the final product and pitches

  2. 20 February 2019 Tell Me A Tale, Sell Me a Story: Constructing, scripting, and relaying the consumer story
    Thought Leaders: Michele DeStefano and Erika Pagano

    Webinar goals:
    ● Understand the importance and role of the consumer/target audience in designing,
    testing, and communicating an effective solution/product
    ● Explore different tools and techniques to structure and develop the consumer story
    for different mediums and markets
    ● Review real-life consumer stories to understand what works when (and why)

  3. 6 March 2019 Strategies For Success: The mechanics and meaning of a business plan
    Thought Leaders: Leah Cooper and Vasco Bilbao-Bastida

    Webinar Goals:
    ● Identify key components of a business plan and their function
    ● Understand how investors evaluate the structure and strength of a business plan (and
    the people behind it)
    ● Explore successes and failures of past real-world business plans

  4. 13 March 2019 If You Build It, Will They Come? A workshop on the what, how, and why of

    Thought Leaders: Michele DeStefano and Erika Pagano

    Webinar goals:
    ● Explore the fundamentals, goals, and methodology of prototyping
    ● Provide a guided strategy for embarking on the prototyping process
    ● Understand how to measure prototyping success and assess learnings from each

  5. 20 March 2019 Why Do We Matter, Who Do We Stand For, and Who Is the Enemy? Key
    concepts for success in branding and marketing

    Thought Leaders: Phyllis Dealy and Anita Ritchie

    Webinar goals:
    ● Explore the relationship between marketing and branding
    ● Provide tips and advice on how to develop a brand identity for a new product or
    service that matches the refined problem and target audience
    ● Describe how to align learnings from prototyping, refined problem, and target
    audience exploration with a successful branding and marketing strategy

  6. 27 March 2019 Making The Most of LWOW: A series of 5-minute community contributions
    focused on leveraging LWOW-honed skills and learnings for success

    Thought Leaders: TBD
    Webinar goals:
    ● Listen to selected LWOW community members speak on a host of topics related to
    making the most of the LWOW experience
    ● Understand what tangible takeaways and positive outcomes past participants have
    used to their advantage
    ● Explore, through real-life examples, how LWOW transforms leadership, collaboration,
    project management, and more