LWOW Live Webinars


As part of LWOW, we host weekly LWOW Live Webinars on Wednesdays from 22:00-23:30 UTC from 22 January through 8 April.

These live weekly 90-minute webinars feature academics and thought leaders from around the world to explore the application of innovation and tech in the law with a global perspective. Participants learn why and how clients’ expectations are changing, examine risks and opportunities, and consider ways to exceed expectations of critical stakeholders.

These webinars are open to the entire LWOW community including new and returning sponsors, alumni, team leaders, mentors, academics, and law/business school students from participating schools who want to:

  • Gain and/or create deeper understanding of the global legal marketplace and how innovation is impacting the work, expectations, and careers, of legal professionals.

  • Learn knowledge and skills that can be leveraged to create value and meaningful change at work.

  • Exchange with 2000+ our community of multi-disciplinary inter-generational change agents

These webinars are required for all students participating in LWOW Xed and LWOW Sprint.