Select two high potential lawyers to participate as Team Leaders and one other professional to participate as Topic Expert on an LWOW team. (A law firm, for example, might select a junior partner from its firm and one in-­house lawyer from the selected corporate client. A corporation might select two of its senior lawyers from different offices or areas of practice.) Team Leaders spearhead the project from start to finish working together remotely with a team made up of 3 students and 3 mentors (professionals) from around the globe to ensure that team delivers on the five steps that are essential to creating a solution, prototype, business plan, and final dynamic presentation.  The sponsoring entity also selects the challenge for the team to hack on.


Select a challenge for a team to solve, just as Microsoft, Bupa, UnitedLex, LegalZoom, and Lockheed Martin have done in the past. The challenge/topic can be related to corporate concerns/initiatives or the industry at large. (For example, Lockheed Martin sponsored a topic related to managing the ethics and compliance programs of third party vendors in the supply chain.) In addition to having a diverse team of great minds tackle a problem about which it cares, one person from the challenge/topic underwriter participates on the team as a Topic Expert to educate and guide the team in its problem solving.


Celebrate innovation with top legal-minded, forward thinking professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and students from around the world by sponsoring a reception or dinner at our Kickoff or ConPosium.


LWOW students come from a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and places—including more than 33 universities across the globe. Participation in LWOW is the opportunity of a lifetime. Make a student’s travel to our in-person events possible by becoming a student sponsor.  



Host a two-day KickOff for a group of teams to build innovation, collaboration, idea generation, teaming, project management, and communication skills. These two days are based off the LWOW KickOff model and tailor-made to meet the needs of your firm/organization. We will help create community, a culture of collaboration, and provide the teams tools to help them meet their respective objectives and goals.



Host the LWOW ConPosium in April (two days in Miami) to position your firm/organization as leader in innovation and as uniting a community of change agent lawyers from different places, firms, and practices who want to share and learn about innovation stories. The event concludes with a networking cocktail party for all participants. Sponsoring entity can select 90 of its lawyers or clients (lawyers and business professionals) to serve as judges.



CONPOSIUM "LIT" IGNITES: LITtle talks about Big Things in Law Innovation and Technology.

Light up the ConPosium by showcasing your organization's progress, vision, and initiatives in a nutshell to the entire audience at the LWOW ConPosium. These presentations will be given in the invigorating, fast-paced shortened Ignite format (3-4 minutes only) in-between our LWOW Project of Worth Presentations.  In the past, we played music between teams' presentations; we developed the idea of ignites to better fill this time by providing more value to the audience. For the ConPosium Ignite, the sponsor selects one person to attend ConPosium, who can serve as a judge on one of our panels and give a LITtle Talk about Big Things in Law, Innovation and Technology (aka "LIT").  The sponsor can be a person or a corporation/firm. The presentation can be about the sponsor's company the presenter's ideas, thoughts, and/or vision. Ignite sponsors will also have the opportunity for press, signage in person and on the web, live stream, and posting of the presentation recordings on our website.



Showcase your corporation’s products and share your knowhow with our community. For example, Ricoh provided on-site printing services for our in-person events, as well as use of their dynamic D5500 interactive whiteboards for team presentations and community interactions.


Share your corporation’s service with the LWOW community. For example, a travel leader could underwrite the travel for students from faraway places.


Share your perspective, experience, and insight with our community by serving as a Thought Leader in one of our interactive, global LWOW Live webinars. Take part in a panel of experts and engage in an unforgettable conversation with some of the world’s brightest students, practitioners, and professionals.


We depend on the generous financial contributions of individuals and corporations who understand and appreciate the work we do. Have a different idea on how to contribute? Make your own sponsorship opportunity. Donate your time. Donate your product. Donate your tech or space. We will relish it!


As an exclusive sponsor, your firm can provide LWOW’s valuable learning and development training to up to 45 professionals, including key clients. Participants play the role of Team Leader or Pitch Coach. Further, LWOW will collaborate with you to develop related initiatives to include more people and extend the LWOW experience across the year.