Topic Selection

Topic challenge: 
DUE 1 december 2018

Please send us your topic challenge by 1 December 2018. We are happy to help with topic challenge brainstorming, selection, and wording. Topic challenges often stem from:

  • Internal priorities and initiatives

  • Pain points and opportunities for growth (either internal or faced by a client)

  • Emerging trends and forecasted issues

  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

For a list of past topics, please click here. Sample topics from LWOW 2018 included:

  • Cultivating Resilience: How might blockchain and decentralized networks be utilized to help close the insurance protection gap in emerging economies?

  • Size Shouldn’t Matter: How can an in-house legal team be relevant to law firms and vendors regardless of spend?

  • Contractual Gold: How can AI be used to mine and leverage contract data to facilitate proactive compliance, legal risk monitoring, and to observe market trends in real time?

  • Redemption Song: How can technology help former prisoners forge a path from freedom to independence?


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