Participant Selection

Participant Names + Contact Info: 15 NOVEmber 2017

Please send us your participant names and contact information (2 Team Leaders, 1 Topic Expert) by 15 November 2017. We are happy to help you with participant selection. Your team's participants can come from within your organization (i.e., across offices, practice groups, or business units) and/or from external clients/corporations.

In choosing a client, consider identifying one with whom you'd like to strengthen an existing bond or capitalize on a potential bond. (LWOW is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your partnership and demonstrate your innovative capabilities.) Note that clients should be of the same/corresponding level as their firm counterparts (e.g., Deputy GC and the firm equivalent, Senior Associate and the corporate equivalent, etc.).

In choosing individuals, look to those who have potential and could benefit from the additional skill-building. Ideal candidates include those who are about to be/have just been appointed to leadership positions.

EVENTS: KICKOFF (13–14 jANUARY 2018 @ university of st. gallen, switzerland) CONPOSIUM (21–22 APRIL 2018 @ university of miami)

Remember: Team Leader + Topic Expert presence at the KickOff and ConPosium is essential to the team's success. 

  • KickOff: LWOW begins with the KickOff (13–14 January) at the University of St. Gallen (about an hour outside of Zurich). The KickOff is two days of intensive idea generation, team building, community engagement, and laying the foundation for our teams to build their Projects of Worth.(Click here for a video that showcases the KickOff in action.) We strongly recommend that all 3 participants (2 Team Leaders, Topic Expert) from the H&K team attend so they can understand the program, integrate into our community, and bond with their team. 
  • ConPosium: LWOW concludes at the ConPosium (21–22 April), likely at the University of Miami  (Coral Gables, FL). At the ConPosium, our LWOW community will reconvene for our teams to deliver their Projects of Worth to a panel of judges (VC, academic, entrepreneur, practitioner). Team Leaders are responsible for up to half of the presentation (along with students); thus, their in-person attendance and participation is imperative.


The LWOW Team is committed to supporting you. For more, email