LawWithoutWalls: Team-based Training for Lawyers

LWOW is a part-virtual experiential learning program designed to change the mindsets, skillsets, and behaviors of practicing and aspiring lawyers.

LWOW is a part-virtual experiential learning program designed for practicing and aspiring lawyers that brings a human-centered design perspective to law.  While LWOW teams create innovations at the intersection of law, business, and technology, the real value of participating in LWOW is building collaborative relationships and developing skills that are essential to being a successful lawyer today—such as teaming, communication, leadership, mentoring, project management, innovation, cultural competency, business planning, technology, and networking.  LWOW unites teams of approximately four law and business professionals (who serve as “Team Leaders,” “Topic Experts,” and/or “Mentors”) along with three students (the “Hackers”) from more than 35 law and business schools around the world. Over the course of 16 weeks, each team co-creates a Project of Worth: a business case and practicable solution to a real problem assigned and sponsored by a corporate legal department, law company, or law firm.