2019 Teams + Topic Challenges

  1. Save our Students, Protect our Schools: How can we best prevent gun violence in secondary schools?

  2. Going Green: How can distributed ledger technology be used to protect the environment?

  3. Helping Those Who Don’t Know They Need It: How can ProBonoNet reach audiences who are in need of our services and don’t recognize their needs fall under the umbrella of what ProBonoNet does?

  4. Fake News and the Search for Truth: In the age of information accessibility, how can we prevent the spread of false facts so that justice is served?

  5. Tough Gig: How can technology be used to give gig workers a deeper understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities?

  6. Benevolence and Benefits: How can SMEs help their employees access the legal services they need in a way that avoids on- and off-the-clock waste and disruption?

  7. Helping Heroes: How can technology increase veterans’ legal literacy?

  8. Getting to Know You: How can we prevent cognitive bias from negatively impacting the law school admissions process?

Past Teams + Topic Challenges


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  1. Justice for One, Justice for All: How can we support self-represented litigants when they go it alone?

  2. Guarding the Greatest Generation: How can technology protect aging populations from cybercrime?

  3. Redemption Song: How can technology help former prisoners forge a path from freedom to independence?

  4. Calm After the Storm: How can we best facilitate legal aid after a natural disaster?


  1. Homeless Not Helpless: How Can we Create Legal Shelter for Those Without a Home?

  2. Underage and Underrepresented: How Can We Protect Youth From Cyberbullying?

  3. You’ve Arrived, Now What? How Can Lawyers Ease the Settlement Process for New Asylum Seekers?

  4. Is it Really a Deal? Assessing the Ethics of Plea Bargaining

  5. Friend rather than foe: How can the law enable a better life for migrants held in detention? (Sponsored by Janders Dean)

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  1. Even Tradition Can Be Enhanced With Technology: How Can IT Improve Important Protected Trial Processes?

  2. The Challenge of Apathy: How Can the International Mission to Prosecute Crimes Against Humanity Appeal to Today’s Youth?

  3. She, He, We, and Who: Rethinking Access to Justice in a Non-Binary World

  4. A New Kind Of Risk Management for Lawyers: Substance Abuse Prevention and Education for the Modern Legal Profession

  5. Forces of Change: How can Technology Aid Information Management in the European Refugee Crisis?

  6. Rethinking Nonprofits: New Models for Legal Aid for Vulnerable Client Populations

  7. Lawyers as Leaders: How Can Lawyers be Empowered to Create Social Change?

  8. Connecting Lawyers to Social Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Two-For? Lawyers Give and Get

  9. From Lass to Lawyer: How Can We Empower the Girls of Today To Be Tomorrow’s Female Law Leaders?

  10. Getting Schooled: In Troubled Areas, How Can Law Help Enforce Women’s Right to Education?

  11. The Right to Rat: Protecting Whistleblowers from a Bad Rap

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