2019 Teams + Topic Challenges

Teams and Topic Challenges will be announced at the KickOff.

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  1. Justice for One, Justice for All: How can we support self-represented litigants when they go it alone?
  2. Guarding the Greatest Generation: How can technology protect aging populations from cybercrime?
  3. Redemption Song: How can technology help former prisoners forge a path from freedom to independence?
  4. Calm After the Storm: How can we best facilitate legal aid after a natural disaster?


  1. Homeless Not Helpless: How Can we Create Legal Shelter for Those Without a Home?
  2. Underage and Underrepresented: How Can We Protect Youth From Cyberbullying?
  3. You’ve Arrived, Now What? How Can Lawyers Ease the Settlement Process for New Asylum Seekers?
  4. Is it Really a Deal? Assessing the Ethics of Plea Bargaining
  5. Friend rather than foe: How can the law enable a better life for migrants held in detention? (Sponsored by Janders Dean)

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  1. Even Tradition Can Be Enhanced With Technology: How Can IT Improve Important Protected Trial Processes?
  2. The Challenge of Apathy: How Can the International Mission to Prosecute Crimes Against Humanity Appeal to Today’s Youth?
  3. She, He, We, and Who: Rethinking Access to Justice in a Non-Binary World
  4. A New Kind Of Risk Management for Lawyers: Substance Abuse Prevention and Education for the Modern Legal Profession
  5. Forces of Change: How can Technology Aid Information Management in the European Refugee Crisis?
  6. Rethinking Nonprofits: New Models for Legal Aid for Vulnerable Client Populations
  7. Lawyers as Leaders: How Can Lawyers be Empowered to Create Social Change?
  8. Connecting Lawyers to Social Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Two-For? Lawyers Give and Get
  9. From Lass to Lawyer: How Can We Empower the Girls of Today To Be Tomorrow’s Female Law Leaders?
  10. Getting Schooled: In Troubled Areas, How Can Law Help Enforce Women’s Right to Education?
  11. The Right to Rat: Protecting Whistleblowers from a Bad Rap

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