LWOW X is an intensive experience, and runs from January–April. Mandatory LWOW Live sessions are held on Wednesdays at 22:00 UTC. Additionally, students are expected to schedule meetings with their Team Leaders and Mentors, as well as meet Deliverables as assigned by the LWOW Team. A detailed schedule for LWOW 2019 will be announced soon.

LWOW X Timeline (at-a-glance)

(A detailed timeline will follow below.)

X timeline Horizontal.png

2019 LWOW X Timeline (detailed)

Week of/date Week # Event
02 Jan n/a Tech training (self-scheduled; choose one of the three days)
03 Jan n/a Tech training (self-scheduled; choose one of the three days)
04 Jan n/a Tech training (self-scheduled; choose one of the three days)
07 Jan 1 LWOW X KickOff, Day 1 (attendance at all three days required)
08 Jan 1 LWOW X KickOff, Day 2 (attendance at all three days required)
09 Jan 1 LWOW X KickOff, Day 3 (attendance at all three days required)
14 Jan 2 Deadline: Schedule all meetings (w/LWOW Team, Business Coach, Shadow Team)
21 Jan 3 Meeting: First 2 Steps
30 Jan 4 Webinar #1: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea: The art of problem refinement
04 Feb 5 Meeting: First 3 Steps
11 Feb 6 Shadow Team Week #1 (self-scheduled)
18 Feb 7 Meeting: 5 Step Walkthrough
18 Feb 7 Meeting: Business Coach (self-scheduled)
20 Feb 7 Webinar #2: Tell Me A Tale, Sell Me A Story: Constructing, scripting, and relaying the consumer story
25 Feb 8 Meeting: External Pitch Coach
04 Mar 9 Shadow Team Week #2 (self-scheduled)
06 Mar 9 Webinar #3: If You Build It, Will They Come? A workshop on the what, how, and why of prototyping
11 Mar 10 Meeting: Branding + Presentation Guidance
11 Mar 10 Meeting: Business Coach (self-scheduled)
13 Mar 10 Webinar #4: Strategies for Success: The mechanics and meaning of a business plan
18 Mar 11 Meeting: Final Mocks
18 Mar 11 Rehearsal week (self-scheduled)
20 Mar 11 Webinar #5: Why Do We Matter, Who Do We Stand For, and Who Is the Enemy? Key concepts for success in branding and marketing
27 Mar 12 Webinar #6: Making the Most of LWOW: A series of 5-minute community contributions focused on leveraging LWOW-honed skills and learnings for success
27 Mar 12 Deadline: Taglines, Trailers, Final Presentation Materials
29 Mar 12 ConPosium
05 Apr 13 Complete LWOW X Post-participation Assessment