LWOW X Winning Teams + Project Commercials 



Project of Worth: Redemption League
Students: Sara Couture (University of Montreal), Ruby Klett (University College London), Raechel Lobo (IE University), Leah Stevenson (Miami Law)
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Project of Worth: BounceBack
Students: Nigar Ali (University College London), Monique Andreatta (Melbourne Law School), Danielle Chirdon (Michigan State)
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Project of Worth: Chorus
Students: Pablo Pazos (University of Miami), Anisha Thomas (Melbourne Law School)
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Project of Worth: AlliMoni
Studnets: Eugenie Bosse (University College London), Veronique Brokke (Maastricht University), Emily Cabrera (Miami Law), Jenna Russo (York University)
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Winner Overall:

Winner for Substance:

Winner for Creativity:

Winner for Viability:

LWOW X Winning Teams + Projects of Worth 


Winner Overall:

Topic: Even Tradition Can Be Enhanced With Technology: How Can IT Improve Important Protected Trial Processes?

Solution: Court UniformITy – An online platform that provides timely and professional information regarding available and allowable technology in each courtroom. CourtUniformITy assists attorneys in designing and utilizing technology strategies in their cases and connects attorneys with IT companies/vendors to implement their technology strategies.

Students: Jacqueline Kaleel (Miami Law), Luis Moyano Garcia (IE University), Gloria Youran Wu (STL)

Winner for Substance:

Topic: A New Kind Of Risk Management for Lawyers: Substance Abuse Prevention and Education for the Modern Legal Profession

Solution: Amethyste – An interactive app that educates law students on substance abuse and empowers them with tools and techniques to stay healthy, communicate about challenges, and access supportive resources.

Students: Eithne Barry (UCL), Peter Möckel (U of Leipzig), PJ Esfandiari (York/Osgoode)

Winner for Creativity:

Topic: From Lass to Lawyer: How Can We Empower the Girls of Today To Be Tomorrow’s Female Law Leaders?

Solution: EmpowHER: An interactive app and childrens' history curriculum companion focusing on women leaders and their stories, accomplishments, and contributions.

Students: Cecilia Garraway (U of Leipzig), Michelle Fox (Maurer), Tiffany Yi Liu (STL),
Qiaojiao Wen (UCL)

Winner for Viability:

Topic: Lawyers as Leaders: How Can Lawyers be Empowered to Create Social Change?

Solution: LexLeader: An interactive app that combines games and lectures designed to increase lawyers' leadership skills, focusing on time management, body language, strategy, leadership, charisma, and vocal tonality.

Students: Daniel Chua (UCL), Emil Pappaterra (IE University), Josh Kropkof (Miami Law)


Winner for Creativity and Viability and Winner Overall:

Topic: Running For Their Lives: How Can the Legal Profession Help Prevent Violent Crimes Against Minors So They Don’t Have to Flee?

Solution: AdvoCat – revolutionary, multilingual interface for minor immigrant detainees and their advocates that uses gamification to build trust and explain and safeguard the best interests of the child.

Students: Wiktor Los (Bucerius), Aisling Malone (UCL), Marie Santunione (École HEAD)

Winner for Substance:  

Topic: Servicing the Lawyers to Service the Clients: How Can Technology, New Mediums, and GlobalSupport Structures be Utilized to Help Lawyers Help their Clients?

Solution: StreamlineHousing Law – online platform to help lawyers provide more efficient + effective service by empowering their housing clients. 

Students: Al Hounsell (York/Osgoode), James Mosley (UCL), Yuwei Zhang (STL)


Winner Overall: Ciara Beades, Claire Farnoux, Geevith Rubakumar (Nirubi, an innovative app interface that provides a secure way for NGOs to gather, record, and share witness testimony.)

Winner for Creativity: Lindsay Bierman, Shauna France, Claire Gusko, Arvine Nooralian (LegalBrew, a one-stop legal resource shop for microbrew enthusiasts seeking to turn their hobby into profit.)

LWOW X Compliance Winning Teams + Projects of Worth 


Winner Overall:

Topic: Anti-Trust Compliance Issues in an International Context

Solution: Athletips: the game that teaches you the rules
A fun, trivia-based game that allows student athletes to learn the rules in the NCAA handbook while tracking the progress of athlete’s right to compensation.

Students: Ryuji Kato (UCL), Adrienne Scheffey (Miami Law), Alexandre Weber (École HEAD)

Winner for Substance:  

Topic: Dealing with the Effects of Mental Health Issues on Ethics-Related Conduct

Solution: Firmind: Mindful Compliance
Raises awareness of lawyer depression w/an app promoting wellness by uncovering gaps in law firms' mental health services. 

Students: Danielle Coupet (Miami Law), Anna Charlotte Kempe (Leipzig), Brendan Monahan (York/Osgood)

Winner for Creativity: 

Topic: Managing Ethics and Compliance Risk Downstream through the Supply Chain

Solution: GoFairWork: Fair Play by Fair Work
A platform for self-reporting to protect construction workers rights when building FIFA World Cup facilities.

Students: Maria Pedrique (PUC), Karl-Erich Trisberg (Bucerius), Lisa Wiese (U of Leipzig)

Winner for Viability: 

Topic: Ambiguous Legal Issues Associated with Investigations and Audits

Solution: Slam Dunk
Play, learn, comply: an ap to teach players the NCAA rules and adverse implications from breaking them.

Students: Claudia Dittmers (U of Leipzig), Chazz Chitwood (Miami Law), Stephanie Theodotou (UCL)