LWOW Sprint


The LWOW Sprint is a 2 day in-person experiential learning “weekender” focused on innovation, collaboration, and transformation. It is hands-on upskilling for practicing and aspiring legal and business professionals who seek to enhance their cross-cultural, creative teaming, problem solving, and leadership skills while hacking alongside kindred spirits who share a passion for intrapreneurship and community exchange. The LWOW Sprint is a team based, multi-disciplinary, inclusive, cross-generational experience in which participants hack to solve a real business-of-law-problem assigned to them by a sponsoring law firm, legal department, or law company. In addition to creating the foundation of a practicable solution, participants learn design thinking principles and new ways of approaching collaboration and culture change that can be applied in the future within the organizations in which they work. The intensive LWOW Sprint mirrors real life sprints to meet client demands. As such it requires hard work and resilience, delivers personal and professional growth and, of course, celebrates the LWOW community.


Individual Participants are a mix of legal professionals, business executives, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, technologists, regulators, judges, compliance professionals, academics, and law and business student who want to:

  • Learn new methods of multicultural intergenerational teaming, innovation, and design thinking.

  • Hone leadership, collaboration, and creative problem solving skills

  • Build networks and transform relationships

Legal Departments/Law Firms/Law Companies sponsor teams at LWOW Sprint in order to:

  • Train-the-trainers i.e., cultivate future leaders so that they can add value in new ways including leading collaboration and innovation training sessions for others in your organization or at client’s organizations

  • Create culture change between professionals within the organization and transform how professionals collaborate with other service providers and clients

  • Build the foundation of a solution to a business-of-law problem

  • Recruit diverse, global talent

  • Be recognized as innovative and a thought leader

HOW IT WORKS: THE 3-4-5 Method of INNOVATION in 48 hours

Over the course of 2 days, teams made up of a mix of intergenerational legal and business professionals, academics, and law/business school students from around the world learn and apply design thinking principals and new methods of collaboration and innovation to co-create the foundation of a viable solution to a narrow business-of-law problem selected by the Team Sponsor.

The LWOW Sprint is divided in three phases, over 48 hours. Specifically, on the first morning, the Sprint starts with a short KickOff (Phase 1) to build a foundation of trust for the intense teaming that comes next. We then turn to Phase 2, intensive hacking, dynamic, teaming and design-thinking exercises centered on problem finding, consumer storytelling, ideation, and solution development. At the conclusion (Phase 3), there is a short ConPosium in which teams pitch their solution in ignite-style format to a panel of multidisciplinary judges who ask questions and provide feedback. Thus, participants learn and apply design-thinking principles and a condensed version of the 3-4-5 Method of Innovation in order to co-create the foundation of a viable solution to a narrow assigned problem.

Although the level of viability will vary, all teams’ solutions will be “Projects of Worth” yielding substantive growth in problem-solving, skills, mindset training, networking and relationship building. Participants will have grown individually and learned collectively and will return to their places of work or study with a wealth of new tools for work and creative problem-solving. As Ursula K. Le Guin points out in her book, The Left Hand of Darkness: “It is good to have an end to journey towards; it is the journey that matters, in the end.” LWOW Sprint is not intended to serve as an end but instead as a charge of energy for the journey we have already begun to stay relevant and play an active part in the future of our profession. In that way, LWOW Sprint is fast but not light. Instead, it is a condensed, measured, and intense experience designed to have long lasting meaningful impact on participants individually and collectively.


At the LWOW Sprint, everyone is put on a team. Each team is sponsored by a corporate legal department, law firm or law/legal tech company and assigned a narrow challenge identified by the sponsor. Each team will be comprised of no more than 8 people: 2-3 professionals selected by the sponsoring entity who serve as Lead Hackers, 2-3 students who serve as Student Hackers, 1 LWOW alumni (former LWOW participant selected by LWOW leadership team) and 1 LWOW academic who each serve as a Hacker Mentor. These 8 people make the core team. They are aided by two other people: 1) one dedicated LWOW Project Manager (who is seasoned in LWOW and the 3-4-5 method of Innovation who helps assign/divvy up tasks to ensure that teams move from problem to solution efficiently and effectively over the two days); and, 2) one Innovation Coach (who has experience in leading teams on an innovation journey) who helps the team innovate successfully. The LWOW Project Manager and Innovation Coach will be selected by the LWOW leadership team. All Sprint teams will also have access to resident experts in business planning/pitching start-ups, technical engineering, branding/marketing, and pitch deck development.

After the sprint,

LWOW2020 Sprint Teams v.1.jpg


LWOW Sprint will take place on 17—18 April 2020 (Friday/Saturday) at the University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL). Note: on the evening of 16-April, there will be a celebration for Sponsors only.


PRE-SPRINT OPPORTUNITIES: Professionals from sponsoring entities and the entire LWOW community are welcome to participate in our weekly live webinars about the application of innovation in law around the world. These webinars occur every Wednesday from 22 January—8 April @22:00 UTC (5pm ET). For more information about LWOW Xed (click here). (Note: Students who are selected to participate in LWOW Sprint must take part in LWOW Xed as it serves as preparation for meaningful contribution at the Sprint).

POST-SPRINT OPPORTUNITIES: After the Sprint, the student hackers will take the lead in writing up a 2-3 page overview of their 5 Steps to their Project of Worth with the mentor and lead hackers’ support. The lead hackers will use this overview and the feedback from the judges at Sprint to fine-tune their presentations and host an internal LWOW PopUp at their company in order spread the benefits of LWOW to more people and put the new tools and training to use. Also, select sponsor participants can serve as Hosts or Thought Leaders on future webinars.