LWOW Original Winning Teams + Projects of Worth


Winner Overall: 

Rytmos (Sponsored by Spotify)

A platform providing undiscovered music artists with promotion, gig booking, and legal and business resources (Kwame Adzatia, Brandon Bauman, Catalina Carmona, Joel England, GG Gürbüz, Ana Martinez Valls, Angelo Massagli, Marcia Narine Weldon, Maria Carolina Navias, Diego Torres)

Winner for Best Idea:

Weaver (Sponsored by Miami Law) 

A membership-based e-marketplace and matching service for homeowners and low-skill repair workers after natural disasters (Valeriya Anopchenko, Deborah Attolini, Tamar Firon, Ricardo Gali, Aleksandar Jakovljevic, Cliff Larsen, Hanna Lee, Anna Ronkainen, Phyllis Weiss Haserot, Rui Zhu)

Winner for Best Presentation: 

Kite (Sponsored by Janders Dean) 

A platform integrating local communities and social support networks to help at-risk Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth with case management (Eric Fiszelson, Lisa Gluckstein, Brent Liang, Erika Ly, Joe May, Justin North, Kgabo Senyatsi)

Winner for Best Business Case: 

Redemption League (sponsored by the Ferraro Law Firm; winner overall, LWOW X)

A mapping tool to help prisoners map their way to independence by connecting them to networks, available housing, and employment opportunities after release (Daniela Aranda, Christiana Couto, Sara Couture, Andres Jara, Ruby Klett, Raechel Lobo, Ross Mullane, Jessica Rebarber, Leah Stevenson)

Winner for Best Commercial: 

WALBot (Sponsored by HSBC) 

A bot optimizing in-house knowledge management by automatically identifying, tagging, and uploading external legal advice (James Batham, Matt Bauer, Richard Crabb, Bruno Dotto, Pedro Gil Arboli, Margaret McGrath, Martin Palomino, Christian Rioult, Rob Rosen, Ines Spinnato) 

Winner, Neota Logic Prize:

SERO (Sponsored by LegalMosaic) 

A platform equipping finch startups with customized, cost-effective info, tools, and resources to achieve GDPR compliance (Layan Al Saleh, Irfan Arif, Stephanie Buschta, John Flood, Camila Mingo, David O'Donovan, Ruchi Priya Rawat, Peter Sudbury, Wojtek Zaluska)



Winner Overall: Ithaca

Team Sponsor: Janders Dean

Ithaca is a non-profit tech platform that helps refugees obtain legal assistance by 1) connecting them with pro bono lawyers based on availability, expertise, and need; and 2) providing a case management system and virtual space for initial consultation. The goal is to dramatically increase the number of legal advisors available to refugees upon landing in Europe to prevent individuals dropping out of the asylum application process and reduce the numbers using human traffickers. The platform simultaneously enables lawyers who have a desire to utilize their legal skills for public good, but often aren’t able to do so due to the lack of time and resources. 

Ithaca was selected as part of the inaugural cohort of startups supported by Fuse, Allen & Overy's legal tech incubator, named finalists in the HiiL Innovating Justice Awards (result TBA), and named finalists in the European Youth Awards (result TBA).

Click here to view Ithaca's commercial.
Click here to view Ithaca's opening video.
Click here to view Ithaca's business plan.

Winner for Substance:

Team Sponsor: Pinsent Masons

Winner for Creativity:

Team Sponsor: Bupa

Winner for Viability:


Winner Overall:

Winner for Substance: 

Winner for Creativity: 

Winner for Viability:



Winner Overall:

Winner for Substance:  

Winner for Creativity: 

Winner for Viability: 


Winner Overall: Paul DeCoster, Ivan Louis, Laura Song (Judgment Pay, an online portal that harnesses the powers of crowdsourcing to help those who have obtained a favorable civil judgment collect the money they are owed.)

Winner for Substance: Ciara Beades, Claire Farnoux, Geevith Rubakumar (Nirubi, an innovative app interface that provides a secure way for NGOs to gather, record, and share witness testimony.) 

Winner for Viability: Paul DeCoster, Ivan Louis, Laura Song (Judgment Pay)

Winner for Creativity: Paul DeCoster, Ivan Louis, Laura Song (Judgment Pay)


Winner Overall: Mike Paranal, Paige Reese, Jackie Yeung (JD Handshake matches prospective employers with law students through an online platform)

Winner for Substance: Leticia Mayberry, Sarah Vettinger, Louisa Vaupel (JusticeBeyondWalls “Bringing 21st century technology behind 20th century walls.”)

Winner for Viability: Matt Evans, Amir Pelleg, Neal Sagal (LegalAxis is an innovative new business model that delivers basic legal service at a fix competitive cost. LegalAxis increases the access to legal services through a hybrid model where service can be delivered online or at a retail space.)

Winner for Creativity: Bashar Dahar, Andreas Imthurn, Roby Yoskowitz (Access 2 Access is a web platform that uses crowdsourcing to provide resources to underprivileged communities.)

Winner for Best Presentation: Mike Paranal, Paige Reese, Jackie Yeung (JD Handshake)


Winner Overall: Margaret Hagan, Ashley Matthews, Iqra Mussadaq (Traffick Junction is a global NGO featuring a social-network like website specifically designed to unite and connect legal, political, and community advocates around the world who fight against human trafficking)

Winner for Creativity: Preetha Chakrabarty, Andres Diaz (Using current psychological and neuroscientific research, created a web-based plug-in for social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ that teaches responsibility and encourages moral decision-making by using cookies and custom-crafted algorithms to inform users when they are making poor posting choices and provide them the opportunity to make a better decision.)


Winner Overall: Mari Byrne, Mike Rozensher (Created a business plan for an online community to provide consumer protection information and risk calculation tools for both consumer-plaintiffs and lawyers who are considering using third parties to fund litigation.)

Winner for Creativity: Julie Dahlgard, Thomas Dance, Kyle Marshall (Created an Aesthetic Consultancy that designs beautiful space to enable people to access law’s power, efficiently harness its potential, and therefore maximize its impact on institutions and society.)