LWOW 7 Fundraising Campaign

2017 marks the 7th year of LawWithoutWalls. Our continued growth and success is possible thanks to your generosity. To secure our long-term sustainability, we ask you to participate in the LWOW 7 Fundraising Campaign.


LWOW Alums

LWOW Mentors + Team Leaders

lwow team sponsors


LWOW is launching its 7 Fundraising Campaign to help offset the technology, operations, and events costs we undertake to make participation in LWOW a reality for more than 1000 professionals and students worldwide. Over the next 77 days, our goal is to secure the following contributions:

  • 77 donations from Alums (suggested USD 107 each)
  • 77 donations from Mentors + Team Leaders (suggested USD 207 each)
  • 7 team and/or topic sponsor commitments for LWOW 2018

Please help us take the first steps towards achieving our goal by clicking here. Gifts to LawWithoutWalls, brought to you by the University of Miami, a 501(c) charitable organization, are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.