External Communcations

Sample email: how to communicate the lwow opportunity to clients + external partners

Below, please find a sample email. Feel free to customize it according to your organization's needs and culture.

Dear [Name]:

[Organization] is proud to partner with LawWithoutWalls (LWOW). LWOW transforms the way lawyers and business professionals partner together to solve problems. Over the course of four months, participants embark on a part in-person, part virtual innovation journey from problem to solution (including a prototype, business plan, commercial, and dynamic presentation delivered to an audience of more than 200).

LWOW goes beyond traditional executive education—it's experiential, intensive, and engaging, involving multidisciplinary, multicultural stakeholders from firms, corporations, and law and business students from more than 30 schools across the globe. In the process, participants hone their 21st century professional skills, including: problem solving, project management, collaboration, communication, technology, leadership, mentoring, feedback, and public speaking.

[Organization] is proud to sponsor a team for LWOW 2018. Might you consider joining us in this incredible opportunity? As part of our LWOW journey, we'd like to invite [Name/Position] to play the role of [Team Leader/Topic Expert]. A role description, along with time commitment, can be found here. As part of our team, they'll be working alongside 2-3 law and business students, as well as professionals from our organization and mentors from other institutions, organizations, and professions. In the process, we will collaborate, refine skills, gain practicable know-how and tools that will generate value add for our organizations, and share a uniquely beneficial, memorable experience. 

We so hope you will take part in the LWOW 2018 journey with us. 

Warmest regards,

[Your name]


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