Application Steps


Before applying to LWOW, read all the information available about it on our website. Decide which of our programs interest you.


Check to see if your school is a participating school in LWOW Original and/or LWOW X. 

If not, we still welcome your application for LWOW X, our all-virtual program. Applicants from non-participating schools may apply to LWOW X only and will be charged a USD $25 Application Fee which will be put towards the participation fee if the student is accepted into the program. Successful applicants to LWOW X from non-participating schools are responsible for a USD $325 Participation Fee. A limited number of hardship accommodations are available—contact us for more information.

Students from schools participating in LWOW Original only may apply to LWOW X with payment of the USD $25 application fee. If a student from a school participating only in LWOW Original applies to LWOW X, pays the fee, and is then selected for LWOW Original, LWOW will refund the student's application fee. (Note that students from Peking University School of Transnational Law should contact Ray Campbell for special instructions regarding the application fee.)


Submit a Personal Pitch. The Personal Pitch is a one- to two-minute video (created via phone, tablet, computer, camera, or animated tools like Powtoon) telling us why you're an ideal candidate for LWOW—in short, what can you do for LWOW, and what can LWOW do for you? Each Personal Pitch should include examples of problem solving, leadership, and creativity. Applications to LWOW are competitive, so what makes you stand out? Note: The Personal Pitch may be a mix of video clips, still photos, and animated media; however, it must be one cohesive video file.


Complete the online application. It asks for information typically available on a CV, a link to your Personal Pitch, and contact information.

Applicants from non-participating schools are required to complete the online application and submit their Application Fee here. Applicants from non-participating schools who have submitted an application without an Application Fee will not be considered. 


Successful applicants will be interviewed by the LWOW Team via Skype prior to their formal acceptance. All decisions will be made before 30 November 2016.

Any further questions?