Application FAQs

Q: How does LWOW Original/LWOW X work?

A: Please click on the following links to read about each program: LWOW Original, LWOW X

Q: Can I apply to more than one program?

A: Everyone can apply to LWOW X. If your school participates in LWOW Original, you may apply to LWOW Original and LWOW X. You may not participate in more than one LWOW offering at once. You will be asked on the application to indicate for which programs you are applying, and, if applicable, will be asked during the selection process for your program preference.

Note: If your school is only participating in LWOW Original and you wish to apply to LWOW X, you will be responsible for a USD $25 application fee. (If admitted, you will be responsible for a USD $325 participation fee.) Students from Peking University School of Transnational Law should contact Ray Campbell for special instructions.

Q: My school is not a participating school, but I still want to participate. What should I do?

A: Students from non-participating schools are welcome to apply to LWOW X, our all-virtual program. Students from non-participating schools are responsible for a USD $25 Application Fee and USD $325 Participation Fee. A limited number of hardship accommodations are available—contact us for more information. 

Q: My school participates in LWOW Original, but not LWOW X. I have applied to both programs and paid the application fee for lwow x. What happens if i am accepted to lwow original?

A: If a student from a school participating only in LWOW Original applies to LWOW X, pays the fee, and is then selected for LWOW Original, LWOW will refund the student's application fee.

Q: When is my application due?

A: Applications for LWOW 2017 are now closed. Students from non-participating schools must complete their applications by 7 November 2016. 

Q: What are the expectations LWOW has of me?

A: Learn more about our student expectations here.

Q: What are the schedules for LWOW 2017?

A: LWOW Original and LWOW X are an intensive experiences. The preliminary schedules for LWOW Original and LWOW X will be posted when applications open for LWOW 2017. LWOW Original and LWOW X run from January–April 2017. LWOW Live sessions are held each Wednesday at 20:00 UTC. The KickOff, ConPosium, and LWOW Live webinars are mandatory for all student participants. Additionally, students are expected to schedule meetings with their team leaders and mentors, as well as meet Deliverables as assigned by the LWOW Team.

Q: What is a Project of Worth?

A: Learn more about Projects of Worth here.

Q: What are this year's topics?

A: Topics for 2017 will be announced in December. Past years' topics can be viewed here.

Q: How do I indicate my topic preference? Do I get my first choice?

A: Successful applicants will be asked about their topic preferences during the interview stage. Students usually receive one of their top two choices as a topic assignment; however, assignments are made based on a number of factors, including preference, experience, interests, time zone, and ensuring a wholly diverse experience within the team.

Q: How are teams constructed? Can I choose my teammates?

A: Teams are carefully crafted of participants from across a wide range of institutions worldwide. A large part of LWOW is learning about other cultures, communication, networking, and fostering lasting relationships across societal borders in ways that would not otherwise be possible. For these reasons, we take great time and care in crafting the teams in order to maximize cross-cultural understanding and experience.

Q: I already have a business idea. Can I submit my own topic?

A: Many of our topics stem from suggestions made by the 1000+ change agents who, together, comprise our LWOW Community. Topics center on cutting edge issues in legal education and practice, including (but not limited to) the legal profession, access to justice, technology and law, corporate law, arbitration, and compliance. Some topics are sponsored by corporations and firms (past and current topic sponsors include Eversheds, Janders Dean, LATAM, LegalZoom, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, United Lex, and Diversity Lab). This allows teams to solve a real problem faced by the sponsoring organization with guidance from experts and employees within the organization. While topics for LWOW 2017 are established, we welcome any and all suggestions for forthcoming years.

Q: What is the workload like?

A: LWOW is an intensive experience. While we aim to keep the workload consistent and balanced from week to week, students usually find that their involvement substantially increases in the run-up to the ConPosium. The work load balance comes down to each team's progress, and work product. 

Q: What kind of technology do I need to participate?

A: Participation in LWOW requires a strong internet connection, a pair of earbuds, and a computer with a built-in or attachable webcam. Most virtual teaming, including LWOW Live sessions, is done through a platform available at no cost to our participants that enables presentations along with multiple videos to be displayed at one time and a live chat. Participants access the platform by clicking a link. You can learn more about our platform here

Q: Will my Project of Worth be used in practice?

A: The closer a Project of Worth is to a viable product, the more successful it is likely to be. This is because part of creating your Project of Worth is accurately determining the costs of creating, marketing and implementing it. Understandably, we do not expect you to have business and marketing expertise to an extent where you will be able to do this perfectly; however, part of the fun of the whole process is researching and trying to determine these variables to the best of your ability. Projects of Worth from previous years have lasted beyond the LWOW process and into the negotiation stages with venture capitalists and, even beyond this, into the realm of real world application.

Q: Is it really possible to create an expansive project virtually?

A: Absolutely! For over seven years, hundreds of students have taken part in LWOW to collaborate across borders, time zones, and institutions to bring Projects of Worth to life.

Q: I cannot afford to travel to the KickOff and ConPosium events for LWOW Original. Should I still apply?

A:  To make this decision, please contact your LWOW lead faculty contact directly.  Each school handles funding of their participants differently.  LWOW is a nonprofit organization; thus, we cannot fund students on our own. However, we do have a limited number of funds for students each year thanks to the generosity of private donors.

Q: What are the prizes for winning teams?

A: The winning LWOW Original team will be awarded incubation services from The Launchpad and legal services from the University of Miami's Greenberg Traurig Startup Practicum along with round-trip airfare and accommodations to the next year's KickOff. The winning team for LWOW X wins a trip (airfare + hotel) to participate in the in-person LWOW Original ConPosium (Miami, Florida, USA). 

Q: What should my Personal PITCH include?

A: Your Personal Pitch should tell us why you're a fitting candidate for LWOW—in short, what can you do for LWOW, and what can LWOW do for you? Each personal statement should include examples of problem solving, leadership, and creativity. Applications to LWOW are competitive, so what makes you stand out? The Personal Pitch is your opportunity to give us an in-depth idea of your identity, personality, and desire to participate in LWOW. What will you bring to the table? What do you seek to accomplish, improve, or discover (both personally and professionally) through your participation? Note: The Personal Pitch may be a mix of video clips, still photos, and animated media; however, it must be one cohesive video file.

Q: What is the cost to participate in LWOW?

A: LWOW is a nonprofit organization. To that end, we require that each participating school pay an Administration Fee. Students from non-participating schools are welcome to apply to LWOW X, our all-virtual program. Students from non-participating schools, as well as students from schools only participating in LWOW Original, are responsible for a USD $25 Application Fee (due upon application) and USD $325 Participation Fee (due upon acceptance).

Participants in LWOW Original must attend the KickOff (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and the ConPosium (Miami, Florida). Schools and students work together to determine a funding arrangement—some students are fully funded by their schools, others are self-funded, and some schools provide a partial stipend. Note that winning students for LWOW X have their flight + accommodations to Miami, Florida to present at the LWOW Original ConPosium covered by a generous donor.

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