Student Expectations


LawWithoutWalls is intensive and comprehensive. In addition to working collaboratively on their Projects of Worth across the semester, LWOW Xed students must read assigned weekly materials, attend LWOW Live webinars, virtual teaming sessions with their Project Managers and volunteer mentors, pre-recorded webinars, and develop a new business pitch and presentation deck that will be presented during the last webinar. For those also participating in LWOW Sprint, students must attend the entire LWOW Sprint weekend 17-18 April (Friday/Saturday) at the University of Miami as well as participating in LWOW Xed.


LWOW is an intense experience in teamwork and communication. Moreover, the type of work is different than that assigned in traditional classes. Students create business plans, prototypes, and pitches to address real world problems at the intersection of law, business, and technology. Students must conduct investigative research, talk to experts in the field, and collaborate with lawyers, business professionals, entrepreneurs and students from different disciplines and cultures all over the world during various time periods. Thus, the ideal LWOW student is one who appreciates challenges, embraces hard work, and isn't afraid of a learning curve. Students usually find that their involvement substantially increases over the course of LWOW, and typically invest anywhere from 4 to 10 hours a week in their projects in addition to webinars and meetings with their Project Manager. Students must commit to working intensively, collaboratively, and fairly with their team—dedication and a strong work ethic are musts.

ROle: LWOW Xed

For LWOW Xed, each team is comprised of 3-4 law + business students and assigned one ‘Project Manager’ (a seasoned LWOW Alumnus). Depending on their needs, students incorporate guidance, feedback, and expertise from a list of experienced Mentors throughout the LWOW Xed process. Students are responsible for meeting LWOW- and Project Manager-set deliverables while driving the problem fine tuning, investigative research, idea generation, target audience identification, business case development, and concept creation. LWOW Xed will end with a presentation by each team on a developed Project of Worth including a set of deliverables. All students participating in LWOW Sprint are required to participate in LWOW Xed as it provides invaluable preparation for work at the Sprint.

ROle: LWOW Sprint

For LWOW Sprint, each team is comprised of 2-3 ‘Student Hackers’ (law + business students), 2-3 ‘Lead Hackers’ (professionals from the sponsoring organization), and 2-3 ‘Hacker Mentors.’ Each team is also assigned 1 LWOW Project Manager and 1 LWOW Innovation Coach and has access to resident experts in business planing, legal technology, presentation, communication, and branding. Although the lead hackers will have a deep level of expertise related to the assigned problem and take the lead in hacking, the students are still very much at the core of the program. There are no walls in LWOW and, as always, students are empowered to step up; we need/expect students to meaningfully participate (not just assist) in the real-life solution development. Student hackers will work alongside the lead hackers in everything from understanding the big picture and substance of the problem to idea generation, prototyping, deck development, and they present alongside the lead hackers at the conclusion of the Sprint. Additionally, the students will take the lead in writing up a 2-3 page overview of their 5 Steps to their Project of Worth (to be submitted after the Sprint) with the mentor and lead hackers’ support.


For LWOW Xed: each student must have access to a computer with a webcam and a strong and reliable internet connection, preferably a wired one. Tablets are not sufficient for webinars or team meetings—a notebook or desktop are a must.