Innovative Lawyers

Lawyers forge closer and more collaborative relationships with clients, colleagues, and future talent from countries worldwide.  They become part of a global, transdisciplinary think-tank around technology, innovation, and the business of law and, in the process, hone new skills.
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Venture Capitalists

VCs gain exposure to legal entrepreneurs and practicable innovations at the intersection of business, law, and technology  - the legal startups of the future.


Academics work with transdisciplinary thought leaders and students from multiple schools worldwide.  They learn about the innovations in the law market that are changing the challenges future lawyers face and the skills students need to be taught. | Watch

Business Professionals

Business professionals deepen their cross-cultural competency and innovation skills, broaden their network, and gain a deeper understanding of the changing legal landscape.  They become part of a global, multi-disciplinary think-tank around technology, innovation, and the business of law.



Entrepreneurs meet kindred spirits interested in the legal startup culture.  They share their spirit, experience, and know-how as teams collaboratively problem solve, innovate, and build startups.

Law + Business Students

Law and business students from the world's top schools collaborate across time zones and cultures to creatively solve problems in legal education and practice and, in doing so, broaden their 21st century skillsets, build a transdisciplinary and diverse network, and bolster their job prospects.
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