Topic Selection

Topic challenge: 
DUE 28 February 2020

Please send us your topic challenge by 28 February 2020. We are happy to help with topic challenge brainstorming, selection, and wording. Topic challenges often stem from:

  • Internal priorities and initiatives

  • Pain points and opportunities for growth (either internal or faced by a client)

  • Emerging trends and forecasted issues

  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

For a list of past topics, please click here. Sample topics from LWOW 2019 included:

  • Are You Feeling Me: How can law firms, in house departments and technology providers collaborate for better business outcomes? (Sponsored by iManage)

  • Far is a Figure of Speech: How can we provide broader, more efficient access to legal services in rural communities? (Sponsored by LegalZoom)

  • Fasten Your Seatbelt: How can airlines protect consumer data from cyberattacks and other data security breaches? (Sponsored by LATAM)

  • Navigating Uncharted Waters: What role can payment providers (like Visa) play in collaborating with new entrants (like fintech startups) to navigate regulations and drive industry transformation? (Sponsored by Pinsent Masons)

  • Making Your Voice Count: What role might Spotify play in broadening access to podcast creation and dissemination? (Sponsored by Spotify)


The LWOW Team is committed to supporting you. For more, email