Participant Selection

TEAM ParticipantS (Names + Contact Info): 

Please send us your participant names and contact information (2 or 3 Lead Hackers) by 10 January 2020.

We are happy to help you with participant selection. In making your selections, we urge you to consider LWOW as an opportunity to strengthen an existing bond or capitalize on a potential new relationship with external or internal clients and/or with other legal or business professionals from across your organization (i.e., from different departments offices, practice groups, business units, or geographic locations). LWOW has proven to be a fantastic way to reinvigorate relationships and demonstrate dedication to honing collaboration and innovative capabilities. The one caveat in selecting the participants is that each of the participants should be of a similar/corresponding level. For example, if you select a newly-minted law partner as one of the Team Leaders, consider pairing them with a Deputy GC client. Click here for a sample of past team configurations (note: team compositions are different this year for LWOW Sprint).

In choosing individuals, look to those who have leadership and business development potential and could benefit from the additional skill-building. Ideal candidates include those who are about to be/have just been appointed to leadership positions. Think of LWOW as a way to build a new relationship between a set of people (or with internal or external clients). Collaborating towards innovation has proven to build a bond like no other, as well as to position your department/firm/organization as innovative and forward-thinking.

In selecting internal participants, you may consider awarding the participation spot to the winner of an internal competition. Some of our participants (including Microsoft and Unilever) have had huge interest in this type of executive education leadership training opportunity: 

  • Click here for a sample promotional email that Unilever sent out to their legal department to advertise LWOW and solicit entries for participation

  • Click here to see the winning entry for Unilever's in-house participation contest


The LWOW Team is committed to supporting you. For more, email