2019 KickOff + ConPosium Information

What is the KickOff?

LWOW begins with a collective experience—either in-person (LWOW Original, two days) or all-virtual (LWOW X, three days)—filled with idea generation, teambuilding, personality assessments, and other exercises that begin to break the barriers between professors and students, partners and associates, and lawyers and clients. We gather as a community to transcend cultural divides and embrace our global mission. We get to know each other and, in the process, get to know ourselves even more. Together, we innovate solutions, hackathon style, to hot problems in legal education and practice.

What is the ConPosium?

The LWOW experience concludes at the ConPosium, an interactive event wherein teams showcase their innovations to the LWOW Community and a panel of multidisciplinary judges, including venture capitalists, who assess the substance, viability, and creativity of the projects. Put simply, the ConPosium showcases LawWithoutWalls-built skills and executable innovations for the law market.  More than that, these events brings together the LWOW Community, in both in-person and all-virtual formats, and represent an opportunity to reconnect and connect anew with people from all different ages, disciplines, and cultures that share a common charge: an interest in changing the way lawyers practice and the way that they partner with business professionals to solve problems.